ITM EXAM Questions Topic 2: Managing Organisational Behavour

ITM EXAM Questions Topic 2: Managing Organisational Behavour (Robbins Chapter 8) 1) Explain the challenges facing managers in managing generational differences and negative behaviour in the workplace. Topic 6: Managerial Leadership (Robbins Chapter 3 and 11) 2.’It is the leaders in organisations who make things happen’. Critically discuss this statement explaining the implications for
understanding behavioural leadership theories. 
 Topic 7: Managing Strategically (Robbins Chapter 4 and 5) 3. You have just been appointed as a strategic manager. In your planning you are considering undertaking either an industry/sector analysis or
an organisational analysis. Discuss the key features of both approaches and in what circumstances you would apply each analytical tool. 
 4.Discuss two tools that could be applied by managers when facing a strategic dilemma. Explain which tool would be more useful in this context. 
 5.Discuss how understanding and managing ‘Communities of Practice’ can contribute strategic value in organisations. TOPIC 9: Creativity, Innovation and Design (Robbins Chapter 7, 13) 6. Discuss what the main purposes of innovation portfolio management are. In your answer explain how creativity and innovation differ. Provide examples to illustrate your answer.

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