it is important that an organisation continually improves.

Referencing Styles : APA 1. List at least 5 points that are important to ensure communication delivers on customer needs, expectations and priorities. (5 marks) 2. It is important that staff should deliver an outstanding customer experience at all times. What are the specific behavioural competencies that this requires and how would this be measured? (5 marks) 3. Using information provided in Unit 2, it is important that an organisation continually improves. How might an organisation collect information to facilitate this? (3 marks) 4. There are many laws that regulate the way businesses may provide service to a client. Why is this important and what is your responsibility? (3 marks) 5. Write a short guide regarding customer service that you would use, as a mortgage broker, to look after a customer. Your guide should not be more than 5 pages (approximately 2,500 words) and should include the following points: (5 marks). ï‚· Identify and clarify customer needs and expectations ï‚· Assess the urgency of the request ï‚· Determine priorities for service delivery .

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