IT graduate involved in Internet security will need to be

Swinburne University of Technology Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies Internet Security COS80013 Research Assignment This research assignment is worth 30% of the subject assessment. Due Date: Monday 23rd October 2016 8:30am Introduction: Any IT graduate involved in Internet security will need to be able to adapt and respond to unfamiliar and changing security threats, technologies and systems. To be capable in their profession, graduates need to be able to discover and analyse these new technologies and security systems and to evaluate their effectiveness, practicality and impact. The assignment: Write a research report on one of the following: No more than 10 groups (of 1 or 2) will be permitted to work on the same topic. The process for nominating a topic will be announced on Blackboard. 1. DMARC (Steve Gibson’s view vs. Patrick Gray’s view) 2. CISSP vs. CEH and other security certifications 3. Java security and why it is discredited 4. CRIME. BREACH and BEAST attacks. 5. Terms of engagement for cyber warfare. 6. Develop and test a code review process/checklist. 7. Bug bounty programs such as “pwn2own”., BugCrowd. 8. Active defence (Marcus Ranum’s view vs. Dmitri Alperovich’s view) (e.g. AusCERT 2013 conference). 9. Crimeware and malware-based business systems. 10. Develop and/or test a security audit check-list. 11. Review and compare two books on Internet security (not the text book). 12. Read and summarise the technical aspects discussed in any cyber-security-themed book written by Mark Rusinnovich, Kevin Mitnick, Clifford Stoll or Kevin Poulsen 13. Complete and document multiple chapters/exercises from an on-line security course. 14. Install, configure and test pfSense. 15. Your own topic (subject to approval by the convenor) o Submissions to the convenor should be made before the 1st of September 2017. Amount of work: Each student should spend at least 30 hours working on the assignment. Teams of two are permissible providing that the total amount of work approximates 60 hours. Documentary evidence of the time taken may be requested by the convenor after submission, so work logs, emails and SVN should be maintained. Marks will be allocated depending on the amount of original work submitted. Marks will be deducted for plagarised and/or un-attributed work. eForensic examination of the assignment may be carried out to verify its authenticity. Grading: COS80013 Assignment 2 This assignment will be graded as Fail (0), Pass(18), Credit(21), Distinction(24) or High Distinction(30). Note that minor deductions may be made for small errors in content or style. You must demonstrate your skills at a post-graduate level. For a Pass grade, your assignment must include an analysis of the topic, the relationships between the aspects of the topic. For a Credit grade, you must demonstrate synthesis of new ideas and truths based on your analysis. For a Distinction grade, you must provide an an evaluation of your own analysis. For a High Distinction, you must competently report your research at a public meeting at the end of during the semester. The Swinburne Linux Club, TCPIP, the Swinburne Cyber Security Club (SCSC) and OWASP provide forums for such presentations. Details of their meetings will be posted on Blackboard. All other students are required to present their research in front of their lab group in week 12 or 13. 3-5-minute time slots will be available. Submission Submissions should be made through ESP before the due date. Reports should be in a commonly-used format (.pdf, .docx or .rtf ) and should not exceed 15 pages in length. A 2-person team may submit up to 30 pages. • The first page should be a filled-in copy of the cover sheet on the next page. • The second page must be a title page indicating: o the unit code and title, o title of the assignment, o the topic, o the authors (by name and student ID), o the submission date/time, o the due date/time. o your expected grade for the assignment, based on the grading criteria explained above. o your expression of interest regarding a public presentation in week 12. Pages must be numbered starting with the first page AFTER the cover sheet and title page. A table of contents is not to be used. Appendices and a list of references will not be included in the page count. References All externally sourced information (i.e. not common knowledge or course material) must be cited using Harvard or Vancouver styles. Vancouver style (IEEE style) is preferred: Each citation must have a corresponding reference at the back of the report. ALL REFERENCES MUST BE CITED. Your report must have at least 5 citations of at least 5 references. Citing direct quotes from books are not acceptable. ESP is at You will need to whitelist scripts and cookies, and/or add to your trusted sites. Teams COS80013 3 This is a team-based assignment. Teams can be either one or two students. The team must be registered in ESP ( before you submit the assignment. For a team of two students, double the normal amount of work must be done.

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