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Case Study – IT Biz Solutions


IT Biz Solutions is a newly formed company offering a wide range of Information and Communication Technology services to businesses of all sizes.

The head office site includes 3 large open plan offices that can accommodate 30 people in each room.

All computers are connected to the Internet and computers are connected through routers and bridges.

There is a shared printer that is accessible by all computers.

The company has a large number of clients, thus retains client information in its systems. With the number of staff there is a human resources information system containing all confidential staff information.

IT Biz Solutions – information about the company

Company Services

IT Biz Solutions shows clients how to collaboratively transform information technology into business advantages.

We help to translate advanced technology into value for our clients through our range of professional services.

Managed IT Services

At IT Biz Solutions our Managed IT Services solves all of your technology issues so you can focus on running your business. We do this by giving you all the IT support you need, for a fixed monthly fee.

We are proactive with our support, offering efficient business solutions. We ensure that our clients always know what is planned and what is being implemented when, so there is minimal downtime and all issues are handled before they become problems.

Clients have direct access to our Senior Engineer, who knows how to fix things fast.

The IT Biz Solutions team becomes clients’ outsourced IT team. We continually monitor their system remotely, conducting backups and keeping them updated on what they need to know.

Our clients value not having to deal with IT issues anymore. We handle it all for them.

Managed Continuity

The IT Biz Solutions Managed Continuity service provides an affordable solution to a range of IT issues faced by businesses, such as:

  • Data loss
  • Fire or flood damage to IT equipment
  • Theft of data, PCs or laptops
  • Systems crashing
  • Staff unable to work due to server issues
  • Email not working
  • Virus attacks
  • No access to files

Managed continuity provides services which are all designed to protect clients’ business, save them money and help their business to grow.

This service includes training of staff in the new system.

Managed Workstations

The IT Biz Solutions Managed Workstations service keeps PCs and laptops healthy, so you can concentrate on your business.

Advantages include:

  • Reducing downtime
  • Improving system performance
  • Automatic installation of updates and upgrades

Hardware Sales and Maintenance

Instead of shopping for your company’s computers and information system hardware yourself, our clients can leave this to IT Biz Solutions. We know the industry very well, so we can get equipment at sale prices and make bulk purchases that attract generous discounts.

This service can also provide regular, guaranteed maintenance for all computers and information system hardware, whether it has been purchased through us or not.

Managed Email Service

The IT Biz Solutions Managed Email Service helps our clients to keep in constant contact with their customers, suppliers and contractors by email.

With Managed Email, we help you overcome common email issues in a cost-effective and efficient way:

  • Virus threats
  • Loss of emails
  • Server downtime
  • Lost email connection
  • Junk mail filling your inbox
  • Genuine emails getting blocked
  • Running out of server space
  • Unable to locate important emails

It takes about six weeks to set the system up as it involves research into the company’s current and future email usage as well as extensive programming. Once it is in place, however, it will function for the life of the company.

Managed Security Services

Every company’s confidential information should be comprehensively protected against hacker attacks.


The IT Biz Solutions Managed Security service protects clients’ data against internal and external breaches through a cost-effective, affordable solutions.

It helps keep clients safe from:

  • Attacks on your email
  • Data theft
  • Virus attacks
  • Unauthorised access to systems
  • Downtime

This service takes about two months to put in place, depending on the size of the company’s data base, number of users and the complexity of jobs being performed.

Digital Marketing Services

IT Biz Solutions are committed to looking for ways to help our clients grow their business.

We do this by offering a full suite of digital marketing services that deliver specialist support to help our clients do business better in the digital age.

We help with:

  • Website design
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • E-marketing
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Content development
  • Graphic Design
  • Training

Website design

In this digital age, a company’s website should be at the centre of all the marketing that they do.

Every company absolutely needs a professional-looking website with great content that will inspire the viewer, with inbuilt systems that deliver new leads regularly.

Smart businesses understand the power of the passive income that an online shop can provide.

There are many reasons why a great website is a must for every competitive business:

  • Every competitor has a website
  • It gives access to millions of potential customers worldwide
  • People will look online for products and services
  • It helps to future-proof a business
  • It represents affordable marketing
  • It can be a platform for great advertising
  • It provides passive income opportunities
  • It is open 24/7
  • Can improve customer service
  • Provides a portal to share information about your business

Great websites do more than provide information: they can be a portal of communication between customers, employees, suppliers and consultants, and each of these can be maintained securely and personably.

This does not mean that all good websites are complex, but that complex websites offer a greater capacity for effective communication between all stakeholders.

Depending on the website’s complexity, it can take up to three months to set up. There should also be some ongoing website maintenance to ensure that the website is always up-to-date.


IT Biz solutions can provide a wide range of training for clients’ staff.

Whether it be in website maintenance, email server configuration, or workplace set up, clients staff can be trained to take over these roles through planned courses that include theory and hands-on training.



IT Biz Solutions Fee schedule


For internal use only.

Fees Details
Managed IT Services $500 per month
Managed Continuity $750 per month
Managed Workstations $150 per workstation per month
Hardware Sales and Maintenance $200 per month
Managed Email Services $1,600 set up and staff training
  $200 per month
Managed security Services $1,000 annual fee
Digital Marketing Services $75 per hour
Simple website construction $5,000
Complex website construction $8,000
Website maintenance and support $400 per month
Disaster recovery support $200 per hour
Staff training for initial website $1,500