IRAC methodology

8:09 400 e =411 36% Q
, addressing the age of the car included in the contract and therefore defeat Peter’s argument that the contract is in writing and the they are only bound by those terms. Your answer should refer to relevant case law (10 marks) 1. Part B must be answered using IRAC methodology.
1. Read the hypothetical scenario. 2. Answer each of the components of Anthony’s request. 3. Use relevant cases and if relevant legislation to support your answer. 4. Your answer should use citations and be formatted in accordance with either the AGLC or Harvard referencing systems. 5. Footnotes do not count towards overall word count.
Assessment criteria
1. Demonstrated understanding of relevant legal principles. 2. Use of relevant case law and legislation to support conclusions. 3. Articulation of clear conclusions and advice as required. 4. General quality and clarity of written communication.
Your assessment rubric is available here.