Intro to Theatre

DRA 110: Intro to Theatre

Play Report

For the play we are reading (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time) write a paper in which you focus on its two main elements: plot and theme. Plot is defined as “the pattern of events that make up the story.” Theme is defined as “the broad idea, message, or moral of the story.”Our text goes into these two ideas, and their differences (pgs 21, 24, 104).

You should clearly outline the plot, so that someone who has not read the play will understand its basic chain of events. The plot is set; there is not much leeway in arguing what happens in the play.

Then you must argue a theme. There are no right answers for the theme – it is a subjective thing, a message that you feel like you learned; your opinions are valued and valid. Your grade will depend on how clearly you express your thoughts, and how thoroughly you back those critiques up. A theme is a statement, a message, a moral; it is not just a subject.

Paper must be at least two pages: typed, double-spaced, twelve point-type, standard margins, college level writing, proofread and spellchecked.

Late papers will lose one letter grade for each 24 hours they are late.