Interview with selected senior management

 Interview with selected senior management from ENOC – looking at ENOC future plans
• Interview with selected senior management from ENOC – looking at non-fuel businesses that has major impact on bottom line profit
• Interview with operational team and their staff – on such drastic business expansion plan
• Interview with Marketing Management team to market these businesses/ concepts
• Internal Survey: Customer Satisfaction survey data for past years (2009 – 2012)
• External Survey : AC Nelson Company Survey on customer satisfaction and service level
• External Survery: AC Nelson company Survey on ENOC brand positioning.

Secondary Information

Publications on Strategic Management. For example, Luffman et al 1996, Strategic Management, an analytical introduction.
• Publications on Strategic Marketing tools
• Publications and articles on Business expansion plans
• Publications on International Business best practice in non-fuel segment
• Current thinking of non-fuel business expansion, e.g trade press, competitor publications, international market resources.
• Industry and Market Reports