Interview technique

Simulated conversation between the patient, nurse and career using evidence-
based resources
. Be creative and as realistic as possible in the design of your simulated conversation.

Topic to discuss = Weight Management

Interview technique

Active listening (4 different techniques)


Motivational interview:  

Open questions 




Case study background

Kate, 65 yrs., T2DM (First diagnosis: 1 month ago), Weight – 130 kg (obese), BMI:43.4, retired hairdresser, enjoy gardening, live with a daughter, daughter work at the supermarket (part-time local), they live in Bankstown, the daughter is her primary carer and support her ADLs, Pt husband passed away last year, feeling depressed about losing husband, used to be a volunteer at local charity group; however, she has not attended since husband passed away.  

Patient: no motivation to attend social life, feel incredibly sad, before husband with her all the time (charity and gardening), suppose to attend Diabetes educator last week, but my grandson was sick, we did not participate in, trying to lose weight, but not successful, wants to lose weight, recently gain weight (like sweet foods), advised by the doctor to monitor BSL daily, but not well understanding, “I don’t feel any point of testing, and I forgot”.  She was advice by the doctor to lose weight at least 8 kg.

Carer: (daughter of Kate): worry about her since father passed away, cook the meal for Kate and my son (single mum), not sure about what kind of food mum able to eat, not aware what is the best food, “sometime if I remember, I will tell my mum to check her sugar, but I also not understand what the number mean”, “when I am busy, I also forgot”,  “ I really encourage her to lose weight as well, but I really have no idea how to support her, no idea what kind of to do more exercise suitable for her age and affordable program, sometimes I can’t take her out for exercise, my mum can’t drive”. 

Topic to discuss = Weight Management

Physical exercises / Type/ duration/ frequency/ support or advice RN can offer/ offer local resources (referral etc.,) / options? / Before offering Nursing advice – making sure the patient is motivated to make good changes 


 Prefer References > Australian handbook of diabetes/ policy/guidelines/ articles