interview questions

Sample interview questions


Can you describe the most enjoyable and ideal way of working and why you feel that way about it?

Could you please describe how, ideally, you’d like your business to develop over the next 5 years?

What are your short and long-term business plans?


Can you describe where your business idea came from?

Can you describe how you transformed the business idea from idea to reality?

Conflict and Challenges

What has been the most difficult situation/s you have had to deal with in your business?

How do handle this situation and, given the opportunity, would you do anything differently in your business?

Decision Making

Tell me of a difficult decision you have had to make quickly in relation to your business.

In hindsight, was it the right decision?

How are decisions made in your business?

Accountability / Results

Can you tell me how you measure the results of your business?

How did you fund your business start up

How much time elapsed from start up before your business was successful in your terms?

Did /Do you access business or government grants or supports to help your business? If yes Please describe them.


Who are your business partners? If any

What is the number of employees you have and what are their roles?

What are the most important workforce issues and your major challenge?

Business Approach

Why did you select this business?

What is it about <this business> you particularly enjoy?

How does your business solve a problem or answer a particular need (social, community, and business, environmental?


Can you describe your strengths in terms of character and professionalism


What skills in you or your team have made this business work?

Please, give me an example of the most important skills of an entrepreneur in your business sector.

Family and Support

What siblings do you have and where do you fit in birth order?

How did your family of origin influence why you went into business and the way you run your business?

In what ways does your family currently support or contribute to your business operations

What other supports have helped you


Can you give examples of how you market your idea?

What is your niche market?

Who or what are your main competitors?

What has been your most successful marketing tool or approach?

Goods and Services

Can you describe your unique business offering?

What has been the most lucrative aspect of your business?

What aspect has the most potential for development?

What major changes have you made to your offerings since start up to now?

What major changes to your business process have you made that have helped your business?

Do you operate in international markets, if so, where?

What economic conditions affect your business?


What motivates you most to keep going in your business

What personality characteristics help you?

What social and network skills help you?

How do you deal with disappointment and failure?

What advice do you have for others entering your business?

Do you share this advice currently, e.g. business mentoring/teaching or seminar?

Anything else you would like to share or comment on?