international relations

hi!! I need this international relations essay done asap please!! There are 2 questions to choose from, choose one only please. I’ll attach all the information needed, thanks!! Please read the details thoroughly and stick within the 2000 word limit as I’ve had issues with these in the past from your end!!

International Relations gives a quick overview of international relations theory and looks at how it might be applied to contemporary issues. The study covers some of the most prominent theories, as well as ancient and modern methodologies and controversies. The sections provide an overview of the strengths and shortcomings of the presented presentation, as well as main issues of contention between them, throughout the research (Danaan, 2018). As a result, research aids in the development of a better knowledge of how the major theoretical issues interact, as well as how a framework for international relations around global poverty is developed. The link between theory and practice is emphasized in research, which explains how ideas shape and shape our perceptions of the world