International Corporate Reporting



ASSESSMENT TITLE: Evaluation of business financial performance (Ratio Analysis)

THIRD SEMESTER – 2021 / 2022


MODULE TITLE: International Corporate Reporting

ASSESSMENT NAME: Coursework (individual coursework)



WORD COUNT: 1,000 – 1200 words report

SUBMISSION DATE/TIME: 4TH July 2022 by 13:00 UK Time.

SUBMISSION METHOD: Submission through Turnitin ONLY

FORM OF FEEDBACK: Online feedback via AULA


This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:

L1. Understand the key concepts behind bookkeeping.

L2. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the main elements of financial statements.


The coursework will be undertaken as individual work. Using financial ratio analysis, you are required to analyse the recent financial performance of a major UK company and give advice to investors based on an in-depth analysis of the financial position and performance of the company. The completed coursework is to be in the form of a written report. based on findings. The company should preferably be in the top 350 UK companies included in the FTSE 350 Index.


You are required to address each of the following tasks within your written report:

Criteria for Assessment

Max marks

Word count guide for each section



This section should summarize the objective (s) of the report and provide a brief background of the company, highlighting the main markets, and sources of revenue and the nature of industry the company operates in


150 words


Financial Statements Analysis:

An interpretation and assessment of a company’s recent financial performance and position based exclusively on the financial statements in the Annual Reports. This assessment should cover the following five core areas: –

a) Profitability

b) Liquidity

c) Efficiency

d) Financing

e) Investment potential

You need to calculate a comprehensive set of ratios for two years for your allocated company.

The calculations of your ratios should be in an Excel file which MUST be submitted with your written assignment. Your Excel sheets should be copied and pasted into the main report which should be either in MS Word or pdf format. Include all calculations, workings and formulae used in an appendix to your report.


500 – 600 words


A discussion of the limitations of your analysis.

An explanation of the limitations of your analysis, including the financial ratio analysis technique. Also, provide reflection on the usefulness of financial ratio analysis in evaluating the financial and non-financial performance of companies.


200 words



Clearly stated and reasonable recommendations and conclusions. Clear advice given to the investors which has been logically derived from previous analysis and supported by evidence from the Annual Report and any wider news and literature.


150 words


Structure, layout and presentation.

Report is well presented with effective use made of tables, charts and appendices. Material is coherently structured.



Harvard referencing, spelling and language used.



3.1 Word Count

The word count is 1000 – 1200 words long report excluding any figures, graphs and references list.

3.2 Useful Websites

The latest financial statements of a company can be found on the company’s website.

You will find ; as useful sites for this coursework, as is There are many other financial websites which contain useful information and you are encouraged to find these sites for yourselves.

3.3 Useful tips

Your analysis should cover the last 2 years

Calculations should NOT be shown in the body of the report

Add an Executive Summary upfront. This should focus on the objective (s) of the report and its main findings, conclusions and recommendations

Introduction to report should summarize its objective(s) and contents

Provide basic information about the company’s history, business, etc.

Pay special attention to the organization and layout of your report

Clear conclusion and recommendations should be given at the end

3.4 Writing the report

A report should convey information in the most succinct form possible, so as to inform the reader in a time-effective way. It should summarize your findings in a concise style and should not use slang or informal phrases. You should use the Word spell-check and grammar-check facility.

The report should include:

a title page.

a contents page, listing the different sections, with page numbers, preferably using a Word Table layout.

an introduction, to explain the report’s objective, and the methods used to compile it

the body of the report should be subdivided into logical sections. This should summarize and discuss the findings from published sources and should include references as appropriate.

a conclusion, which sums up your findings in a concise way.

a reference page, listing in full all sources of information used in the report.

This report must be typed and presented in a professional manner. You should use Times New Roman, font size of 12 and 1.5 spacing.