international business

Referencing Styles : APA Task: Assume that you are an international business consultant to Lazybones, a small Australian firm producing women’s and children’s clothing, bedding and homewares. Lazybones has recently opened a retail outlet in Los Angeles and is considering opening another outlet in Canada. Given the increased demand, Lazybones is considering sourcing garments from China or India. You will analyse the relevant factors related to political, economic, and business environments of the two countries and write a report justifying which is a better choice for Lazybones. (Assume that the mode of entry will be contract manufacturing.) Your country choice will be supported by a Weighted Index. This assignment will be completed by groups of 4 students. All students will complete a self and peer assessment of their group process. Students who fail to complete the peer assessment will receive 0/6 for the group process mark. Length of Report: 1500 words (excluding title page, executive summary, table of contents, list of references and appendices) is the QUT Business School’s preferred length for first year units but your BSB119 report may have a maximum of 2000 words. Assignments longer than 2000 words will receive a penalty of 10.  

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