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IMC Plan A – Newy Burger Co

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Table of Contents

Introduction. 2

Business background. 2

Current marketing communication. 3

Target market 4

Campaign inspiration. 5

Target audience. 8

The big idea. 9

Conclusion. 11

References. 12


Figure 1: KFC Campaign. 5

Figure 2: Screenshot of Melt Cosmetics IMC advertisement 6

Figure 3: Screenshot of Emirates use of print media. 7



The paper will analyze New Burger Co-located in Australia provides fast foods like different kinds of burgers, deserts and ice creams. The restaurant provides different services such as dine-in, take away and home delivery services. The restaurant also offers food truck catering which helps in organizing large occasions and events and provides private catering to the people. The funds that come from the restaurant are used in supporting the Newcastle families and those who are fighting cancer. The company has started a campaign through the IMC plan in order to increase brand awareness.

Business background

The New Burger Co. is located in Australia, New South Wales brings tasty burgers to the people of Australia its founders are Ben Neil and Nick Vivian (I.T., 2022).   The company comes with a tasty menu which includes Newy Burger, Bar Beef burger, Dudley Burger, Stocko Burger and Redhead Burger. Besides this, the Burger Co also provides kids’ burgers and chips, desserts and ice creams for above 10 years of age groups (I.T., 2022). The company has its own website through which online orders can be placed and the food could get delivered to the doorstep. In addition to all these, the restaurant also provides a private space to host any birthday parties or occasions or any kind of event. Mainly the company focuses on providing charity to the Newcastle families and to those children who are fighting cancer and also operating in providing support to the locals. The funds that have been raised through the company has helped the Newcastle family who lost their life due to motor neuron disease and one of the little child Evie who has lost her mother Gabbie due to cancer.

The burger company associated with the local business provides support to Newcastle families for the last 7 years during covid and has been seen as the major fundraiser, karma kegs and numerous raffles and auctions (I.T., 2022). The New Burger Co has raised over $200,000 in assisting the families of the Newcastle region and provides continued support. The New Burger Co delivers food to some areas such as Adamstown Bar Beach, Carrington, Lambton Maryville, Merewether, Cooks Hill and others areas. The restaurant operates from Wednesday to Sunday and provides services through dine-in, take away and delivery services with food truck catering. The restaurant provides the customers with burgers that are gluten-free and all the foods are cooked with low oil. For the past 3 years, New Burger Co has provided fundraising projects to help in making soaps and lip balms which are sold at the local stores and has raised over $60,000 through the fundraising.  The food trucks offering through the company is providing services in offsite catering, large concerts and festivals, in brand and customer activations; weddings and private caterings. The booking of the truck mainly starts from $5000 which offers a relaxed dining style and all available cutleries to give the best service to the customers. Moreover, the restaurant Newy Burger Co provides with best catering services and events through speed of service, high quality foods in high volume situations.

Current marketing communication

The current marketing communications of Newy burger Co are:

  • Public relations

Public relations is considered to be the most effective marketing communication strategy as the information regarding the product or brand is recommended through a third party that encourages people in buying the products. The New burger Co uses public relations in order to promote its brand and business as the customers can give a clear idea about the product through their personal experiences and also provides smooth customer support. The company has also built up a healthy relationship with the media, investors, community and customers to make the brand become successful (Bhat, Darzi & Hakim, 2019). Public relations has acted as a mediator between the brand and in creating brand awareness and also is advantageous in building a reputation.

  • Social media

Social media platforms are considered by Newy burger co is also an effective way of marketing communication in promoting the brand and business. The different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others allow marketers on promoting their business and in engaging potential customers. Since the New Burger Co focuses in doing charity, the social media platforms can make it easy through finding like-minded people and also those who are interested to make donations for charities (Dwivedi & McDonald, 2020). People from various places can help in providing support by building the business in an effective way. The information can also be shared through social media platforms through which building relationships with each other is much easier.


  • Digital Marketing

With the help of digital marketing, the Newy Burger Co has created a connection with the customers and has encouraged them in purchasing through their restaurants. Through their websites, customers can order food from anywhere and can receive the food at their doorstep. Through digital marketing, the company update the customers through their gifts, coupons, weekend offers and others through web push notifications and messengers (Kushwaha, Singh, Varghese & Singh, 2020). The desktop version and mobile version can help the company in promoting the products and services and also make the customers feel comfortable using the services of the company. Moreover, through digital marketing, Newy Burger co will be able to focus on target audiences around the world with less investment in comparison with traditional marketing. Digital marketing also helps with Search Engine Optimization so that the users find it convenient in using.

  • Customer recommendations

The New Burger Co has many happy customers that have proven to be an effective tool in promoting the brand and business. Recommendations from other people can be beneficial for the company and can encourage more clients to use the services. The customer recommendation proves to be a true sign of customer loyalty as it can speak well about the business. Through recommendations from customers, the company will be able to achieve trust, credibility and awareness.  The feedback from the customers helps in providing insight into the delivery services, and hygienic foods and also reflects the noble cause of running the business.

Target market

The New Burger Co provides delicious fast food which includes burgers, desserts and ice creams targeting the audiences such as children above 10 years, men, women and teenagers. Mainly the company focuses on delivering the cheapest and most convenient food from the lower middle class to the higher class at a reasonable rate. Based on psychographic, demographic and behavioural factors the food services are delivered to the customers. Most people in the technology-driven world are fond of fast food and people always look for an easy place they can enjoy a meal. The New Burger Co provides a very comfortable atmosphere where individuals can sit with their families who are looking for an inexpensive meal. The target market also looks for the new generation where the individuals can find a place in getting together for a quick bite. Nowadays people want quick services in every place where Newy Burger Co provides an appreciative quick service for that kind of customer.

The young generation with ages ranging from 15 to 27 loves to eat different types of burgers and is the targeted customer of Newy Burger co based on their needs and choices. In addition to this, the New Burger Co has launched a food truck which can target middle-class millennial people in the age group of 25 to 44 years. The food truck service can prove to be well-known for all food lovers and can enter the target market very easily. Moreover, the Newy Burger Co also targets those individuals who are working in offices and want to have their meals at the break through a quick delivery service (Rehman, Gulzar & Aslam, 2022). Based on the report, the burger company attracts men as compared to women due to the fast food choices over their work.

Campaign inspiration

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has used social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram as the integrated market campaign (IMC).

Figure 1: KFC Campaign

(Source: The Stable. 2022)

The Integrated marketing communication of Melt Cosmetics is through social media posts like Instagram and Facebook for their sales as well as their promotion.

Figure 2: Screenshot of Melt Cosmetics IMC advertisement

(Source: Das, 2021)

Emirates uses print advertisement as the integrated marketing communication in order to increase brand awareness.

Figure 3: Screenshot of Emirates use of print media

(Source: Rehman et al., 2022)

All the communication messages that the three companies have used such as print advertisements, TV advertisements and social media, applying the facets model can be critically analyzed through the 6 models of effects.

  • Perception

Noticing the advertisement is necessary for publishing in which perception can be the process through which the customers can be aware of the brand through watching or hearing.

  • Emotion

Through proper advertisement, these brands can develop themselves in the market through the needs, emotions and feelings of the customers. Emotional responses can be sometimes proven to be powerful to draw attention.

  • Cognition

The following communication messages can force the customer to stop and think about whatever they get from the product information in the advertisement.

  • Connection

The advertisement of any product suits any age group or gender such as the teenager or old ages or young generations.

  • Persuasion

It is a kind of belief that the customers can focus on the product by trying to create an image towards a brand (Dalstam, Nordlöf & Holmgren, 2018).

  • Behaviour

Behavioral response is very important for brand communication because the consumer invests in the brand through sales, or through advocating the product.

The New Burger Co should include slogan, content and attractive graphics as the communication message for the campaign. The communication messages should create an impact on the emotions of the customers as well as also must create the right motivation in purchasing the products. The advertisement message should be clear and transparent so that it can be noticed clearly and viewed and can be properly understood by the individuals. For an effective campaign, it should be clear that there must be an emotional link between the target audiences and the marketer so that they can receive the right message through communicating. For proper campaigning of Newy Burger Co, the six effects of the facet model should be kept in mind in order to convey the message to the consumers. These can make the marketers keep the focus on the target customers and can make them distinctive from other brands.


Target audience

Individuals who are interested to consume tasty food in a reasonable and convenient way can be the target audiences of Newy Burger Co. For the successful IMC campaign, the target audiences should be children above 10 years, men, women and adults and especially the younger generation. By applying the multiple segmentation bases, there will be a clear concept of marketing campaigns in order to fulfil the needs and interests of the consumers. The multiple segmentation can help in managing the IMC campaign in an easier manner and can easily identify the target market and the target audiences. Through applying multiple segmentation bases, there are some factors that can be identified such as age, gender, economic class, income and interests.

As discussed in the previous section of the target market, the segments that have been chosen here such as age, gender, economic condition, income and interests can be lined up with the target market. Individuals of different age groups kids to adults are more likely to have fast foods. Generally, men are much more interested in having fast food at their workplace as compared to women. For purchasing food from restaurants, the economic condition matters a lot in which the middle-income group to higher income group can be more interested. The young generation is highly interested in fast food restaurants as they can have a gathering with their friends and families. In addition to this, the young generation also focuses on getting their food delivered as quick as possible. The teenagers can find the Newy Burger Co as a convenient place to sit and order their food. For the IMC campaign, knowing the target market and the target audience is important to create brand awareness and recognition.

The big idea

The Big Idea of the Integrated marketing communication (IMC) for the New Burger Co should be done in order to create a meaning full message to the target audiences in order to create brand awareness.  The title that can be suggested for the IMC campaign is “Heart for Charity”.

The New Burger Co through this campaign wants to focus on those children who are fighting cancer and to support the Newcastle families. The Big Idea for their company is to do something for children suffering from cancer. The Burger company believes in delivering healthy meals to all customers and to make focus on charity. The funds that they get from delivering food to people use them in order to provide support to the Newcastle families. The burger company uses the raised funds in donating to the cancer hospital in Sydney maned as Chris O’Brien Life house.

The two key objectives of the campaign are:

  • To provide healthy food to individuals who are fast food lovers and
  • To do charity for the locals and for those who are fighting cancer

Based on the 6 effects of the facets model, Newy Burger co can make the customer understand and believe in the services after hearing and feeling emotionally towards them. The thinking ability, hearing ability and ability to see can make individuals aware of the objectives of the company. To make the campaign effective, it is needed to analyze the behaviour of the consumers and that can be done through the facet model. Moreover, based on the facet models, the emotional and supporting behaviour of an individual can create a positive response towards brand awareness and also in doing charity as emotional responses can be very powerful in human behaviour.





The paper concluded to make the Integrated marketing communication plan of Newy Burger Co more effective, the planning should follow the 6 effects of facet models. The facet model can determine human behavior and perceptions towards products and services. The target audience and target market should be carefully analyzed in order to make a successful campaign. Basically, the New Burgher Co focuses on doing charity and provides support to the Newcastle families which can be done through the raised funds from the restaurants. Human emotions can also provide supportive behavior in brand awareness.




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