Instructions: you are going.

Instructions: you are going to write a ​communication analysis paper ​ about ​Fedex ​ delivery company ● Be consistent in style of writing ● 16 pages ​ -12 font size- double spaced- ● Don’t use the word YOU in the paper. The kind of information that I need in the paper: ● Agency’s business: it is not what they say but how they are delivering the content. ● How the company transmit communication information. ​Not the context of info ​. ● Technological evolution of systems of communication. ● Storage transmititon ● How the technology is used for. ● Don’t put analysis of their technology. And don’t put a critique of the company. ● Don’t ever talk about their history ● Connect some information to your major, which is Technology management. ● Three categories of the agency/company – Content of the Paper – : 1- External communications on the input and regulator sale. 2- Internal communication within the company and record keeping. 3- External communications to customers and clients. 4- Involve many of the followings ( you don’t have to involve all of them): Fire department, waste disposal, vehicles maintenances, contracted services like cleaning,internet provider, government agencies (DNR, and Insurance), subcontractor, international treaties, news advertising, formal and non-formal communication, vacations, announcements, quality control/ insurance, meetings, manufacturing.

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