Instructional Evaluation





ASSIGNMENT: Instructional Evaluation (classroom observation ,)

Using the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching’s TAP Rubric, observe a lesson at your local
school, or watch a video of a lesson, and evaluate the lesson using the TAP Rubric. Write a 2-3 page
reflection on this experience and your learning as a result.

The primary function of any school should be to maximize student achievement, enabling the students to become productive members of society. The principal of a campus should be the primary instructional leader. One of the main responsibilities of the principal is to evaluate the instructional practices taking place at their campus. This is imperative to provide teachers with the feedback necessary for their growth, which will impact the students’ achievement.

The purpose of this exercise is to experience the process of evaluating instruction.

Examine the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching’s NIET System Handbook . I do not expect you to read the entire handbook from cover to cover, but rather to use it as a reference, prior to, during and after your evaluation.
Read pages 4-7 of the Handbook, the Instruction Rubric.
Pick 5 indicators from the Instruction Rubric to focus on in your evaluation. Read the subsequent pages for the 5 indicators you chose. Pick the ones you are most interested in observing!
Observe a lesson at your local school, or watch a video of a lesson.
During your evaluation, script the lesson. Try to write down as much of what the teacher and students say and do, like you are creating a court transcript of everything being said and done in the lesson. You will use this script as evidence to base your ratings off of.
After the lesson, use the TAP rubric to evaluate the lesson, using the 5 indicators you chose .G
You must provide a rating from 1-5
You must include evidence from your script that supports your rating.
Evalupport each rating. There should be 3-5 bullet points of evidence provided for each indicator.
After you complete your evaluation, please write a 2-3 page reflection on this experience and your learning as a result.

Incorporate your ratings, your evidence, and your reflection in a paper compiled in the following sequence:

I- Introduction (2.5 points)

Include the teacher pseudonym, grade level, date and time/video being observed
Discuss your interest in this particular lesson. Why did you chose this for your observation?

II- TAP Evaluation (10 points)

List each of the indicators you chose in a separate paragraph
In each paragraph, include the rating and discuss the evidence
Follow each paragraph with a table showing 3-5 pieces of evidence that support your rating.

III- Reflection (5 points)

What did you learn about supervising instruction through completing this evaluation?
How did your perspective about instructional supervision change after this assignment?
What are your thoughts on the TAP system for evaluating and developing teachers?
What implications does this have on supervising instruction, from the perspective of an educational leader? How would you approach instructional supervision as a principal or assistant principal?

IV- Conclusion (2.5 points)

Click here to access videos of lessons to observe. I will post the NIET evaluations for these videos in the following module after the assignments have been submitted, so you can compare your evaluation to the NIET System’s official evaluation.