institutional , state, or national database for your project. You

As you build your final Outcomes Measurement and Data Management Project, please submit a 2 to 3 page (excluding cover page and references) Word file attachment to address: • Identification of an appropriate institutional , state, or national database for your project. You may use one of the databases provided under Course materials. • Appropriate and measurable outcomes. Please remember that outcomes should be stated in measurable terms and attainable within a given timeframe (this is only a listing of the outcome statements). At least one outcomes statement is expected for each category below. Please use the following format for outcomes statements and indicators: Category Outcomes Statement with timeframe Indicator(s) or measure(s) to assess outcome achievement Clinical Functional Financial Satisfaction • Note: Module 4 Outcomes Project (OP) Assignment will be a joint assignment with your partner. • A brief evaluation (including an evaluation of the psychometric properties (reliability and validity) of instruments or methods that could be used to collect outcomes data for your selected project. (Sometimes the psychometric properties for the instruments have not been established–this is often the case when you are using a database from your organization. If the properties have not been established, a statement of such is appropriate.) • APA format is required. No Abstract necessary for this short assignment. • Please see OP Mod 4 Assign grading rubric

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