Installing a Web Server

COIT20266 Week-5 Systems Security Administration
Installing a Web Server [1]
COIT20266 – Systems Security Administration
Installing a Web Server
Many software packages include a web based interface which can be
very useful for an administrator to access information and
configure packages.
We will be using the lighttpd webserver to access a number of
packages later. Ensure to read through the main lighttpd websites
front page – we may be surprised at who is using lighttpd and for
There is nothing in this installation process that should ‘break’
our servers’ configuration, however it would be prudent to make a
clone of our server and run through the process on the clone
first. This helps us to clearly test the process and ensures that
if we do make a mistake with the installation, we can start it
again with another fresh clone.
We have an up-to-date Ubuntu Server connected to the Internet.
We should be using the PuTTY SSH interface, not the VirtualBox
interface of our server.
* lighttpd ( – high performance, low memory
footprint web server.
Install lighttpd
Installing lighttpd is a simple task – remember that we should
always do an update of the package list before installing new

COIT20266 Week-5 Systems Security Administration
Installing a Web Server [2]
There are two additional packages to install that allow our
webserver to run php and be configured like apache2 – this is a
requirement for software packages we will be using later.
[email protected]:~$
sudo apt-get install lighttpd php5-cgi
To allow our webserver to use fastcgi and php we need to enable
two modules:
[email protected]:~$
sudo lighty-enable-mod fastcgi
[email protected]:~$ sudo lighty-enable-mod fastcgi-php
If interested, read through the man pages for more detail.
For the added modules to take effect we need to reload the
lighttpd daemon:
[email protected]:~$
sudo service lighttpd force-reload
Testing lighttpd
To test that our lighttpd server is working, access the default
index page using our host’s web browser:
http://<server IP address>/index.lighttpd.html
To test that the lighttpd server php module is enabled and working
correctly – create the file /var/www/index.php with the following

COIT20266 Week-5 Systems Security Administration
Installing a Web Server [3]
<?php phpinfo(); ?>
Access the test php index page at:
http://<server IP address>/index.php
We should see a response similar to the one below:
It is important to get this working correctly. Any problems
should be directed to the course forum. Scroll through all of the
other details presented on the index.php page.