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QUESTION 1: 1- Your friend is a dentist and you noticed during your last visit to his surgery that although the surgery has a computer, a Wi-Fi and Internet, but the secretary still process patients on paper forms and save these forms in organized files in a closet cabinet. You decided to tell the dentist, your friend, about the benefits of introducing an information system management.

a- Describe a short scenario about what you would tell him about the benefits of an information systems to his/her surgery. (10 marks)

b- What would be the main processes that you would introduce to the information system? Briefly describe these processes. (10 marks)




QUESTION 2: 2- Currently, most businesses have an Information Systems Department (ISD). Assume that you are working at a Spare Parts business which has one. Briefly Describe the services that your ISD provides to:

a- The customers (5 marks)

b- The employees (5 marks)


QUESTION 3: 3- What measures would you take to ensure that your employees would comply to the new changes if you introduce a new information system to your business. Shortly explain. (10 marks)


QUESTION 4: If you are managing a business, would you inform your employees that their Web behaviour is being monitored; or should you monitor secretly? Explain your answer


QUESTION 5: A large building company is preparing to build a new housing estate containing over100 houses of differing sizes and designs. The company requires new systems t0 deal with the processes involved in selling the houses.

a- What would be your approach for requirements gathering about the system? (6 marks)

b- propose an information system for the selling process to the company. (9 marks)

ANS: a)


QUESTION 6:6- Briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the following ways to solve business problems:

a- Developing the required software internally (5 marks)

b- Buying an existing software package (5 marks)

c- Using a software house to develop the required software 5 marks)

ANS: a


disadvantages –


c.) Pros and Cons of Using an Outsourced Development Team

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