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Assignment details 7PAM2004-0206-2021 – Data Handling and Visualisation
Matplotlib Assignment 25 pts 0 Not submitted
Due May 5 at 18
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Allowable File Types pdf, ipynb, csv
Submission & Rubric
You need to write a Jupyter IPython notebook that produces a dashboard-infographics visualisation of the data analysis you did in your Pandas assignment.
A dashboard-infographics visualisation is an integrated collection of imagery, charts, graphs, and minimal text that gives an easy-to-understand overview of a topic. For examples and inspiration, see here, here and here.
This assignment was discussed in the second part of the lecture on 8th of April. Click here for the recording (skip to 37min 55s).
Your visualisation must be done using Matplotlib library and saved as a single pdf file. I recommend using the Gr idSpec (
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