Assessment Tasks
Weighting: 30% final mark
Due Date: Week 9: Friday 25
th September @ 11:59pm
Submission: Moodle and Turnitin
Word limit: 1800 words
Subject Learning Outcomes Assessed: 2, 4, 5
Description of Task:
The aim of this research-based report is to identify the significance of ICT in a business environment relevant to
the industry under study.
You are instructed to select an Industry of your choice and research into the importance and application of ICT
within the business environment.
Students must select ONE of the following ICT innovations of interest: Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, Online
Shopping, VoiP Communication or Social Networking.
Report content needs to consist of:
1. Provide an Introduction on the background of the selected ICT innovation
– Introduce the topic selected (found above).
– Discuss key issues which will be discussed in report.
– Provide background details on selected topic.
– Outline structure of report.
2. Complete a background review on the ICT innovation, discussing the evolution and application;
– Introduce and discuss the ICT innovation.
– Provide in-depth background details on the ICT innovation.
– Discuss the evolution of the ICT innovation.
– Discuss its application within business (generally).
3. Discuss key benefits and issues resulting from the application of the ICT innovation within business
– Discuss the key issues stemming from the ICT innovation.
– Discuss key benefits resulting from ICT innovation.
– Discuss key limitations resulting from ICT innovation.
– Incorporate relevant examples based on your findings.
4*. Conduct a case study analysis on a selected industry with regards to the ICT innovation application (select from
below list or select alternative – must be approved by facilitator prior!)
– Introduce the industry under analysis, provide relevant background details.
– Discuss the ICT application within the industry under analysis.
– Provide business examples from industry relating to ICT innovation.
5. Provide a variety of recommendations with supporting evidence and suggestions.

– Provide recommendations based on the limitations and short-falls identified.
– Recommendations must be interrelated to the industry under analysis.
Industries (what you can select) *:
Consumer Goods;
Creative Industries;
Environment & Energy;
Food & Beverage;
Health & Wellbeing;
Major Sporting Events;
Professional Services.
Other (upon instructors’ approval)
Refer to the following link for more details:
All reports must be typed in Times New Roman or Calibri size 12 font.
A minimum of one and a half spacing must also be used.
Must use comprehensive in-text referencing (minimum 5 references).
A table of contents is required.
Assignment is to be presented in report style, with a title, subheadings, and page numbers.
An executive summary is necessary and you must have an introduction and conclusion.
Any detection of plagiarism will lead to an immediate fail grade in the task, and possible exclusion from the
subject. Each report will be assessed individually on the percentage of similarity as it is not possible to
stipulate an ‘acceptable’ percentage, it depends on the nature of similarity detected.
Reports are to be submitted online via Turnitin Moodle.
The word limit for this report is 1800 words (+/- 10%) excluding references.
References to ‘Wikipedia’ or to similar unsubstantiated sources will NOT be accepted.
Detailed Grading Criteria
Assessment Task 3

Assessment Criterion Weight Key Assessment Aspects
Introduction / 5% Have the students sufficiently introduced the topic?
Have they identified the main issues which will be discussed in this report?
Have they provided sufficient background details on the selected topic?
Have they outlined the structure of the report?
Background of ICT Innovation / 10% Has the students selected topic been well introduced?
Has ICT Innovation been discussion thouroughly?
Have the students clearly presented background details?
Have the students discussed the evolution of the ICT topic?
Key Benefits & Issues of ICT topic
/ 10% Have the students identified the key issues stemming from their topic selected?
Have they discussed the key benefits?
Have they discussed how its applied in business?
Have they provided relevant business examples?
Industry Case Analysis / 10% Have they selected an appropriate industry for analysis regarding the issue selected?
Have the students investigated the nature of the industry which exhibits this issue?
Have they applied a relevant company example that exhibits the use of the selected innovation?
Recommendations / 10% Have the students outlined recommendations that clearly address the key topic issues outlined prior?
Have they applied relevant concepts / theories appropriate for their recommendations?
Are the recommendations realistic and measurable?
Have their recommendations been supported with evidence?
Conclusions / 5% Have the students tied together their various threads in this assignment.
Have they justified their recommendations and how they addressed the key issues outlined prior?
Referencing / 10% Have the students adhered to the university Harvard referencing standards?
Have the students drawn upon a wide variety of sources in writing this report?
Students should include at least 5 references (2 academic sources + other credible sources).
Have the students included a reference list at the end of the assignment?
Presentation, Abstracts, Contents,
Spelling, Grammar and Expression
/ 10% Is the report free of spelling, expression and grammar errors?
Have the students used the appropriate marketing and industry jargon?
Has the report been formatted and structured accordingly? (refer below)
Structuring & Formatting / 30% PLEASE REFER TO PAGE 2 – BELOW!
Final Mark / 100%

Note: Do NOT forget this is a report format, therefore you require a cover page and table of contents.
The following criteria is based off your “Structure and Formatting”:

Assessment Criterion Weight Key Assessment Aspects
Font & Spacing 3% 1.5 Spacing consistent across document
Size 12 font – Calibri or Times New Roman
Cover & Contents Page 4% A Cover Page should be created through the “Pages” function and filled out.
Your Contents Page should be created through the “Table of Contents” function and updated to reflect page numbers.
Your Cover Page should have an image designed and formatted accordingly.
Both Cover and Contents page should be on separate pages in the report.
Tables 4% Your “key benefits and issues” section should be placed in a formatted Table accordingly (2×2)
Your Table should incorporate a ‘visual style’ of choice.
Page Layout & Margins 4% Any Tables placed in report should be in a Landscape Orientation.
All other pages without Tables should be in a Portrait Orientation.
Your Margins should be set as ‘Normal’ (2.54cm)
Headers & Footers 3% Have a Header with: Your Name and ID
Have a Footer with: Page number (centered)
Indents & Breaks 3% Any Point Form content (dot points) should be Indented by 1
Each gradable section (as shown on page 1) should have a ‘Section Break’ (on same page)
Headings & Sub-headings 2% Each section should have ‘Headings’ (under styles)
Primary Headings should be “Heading 1” and Sub-Headings as “Heading 2” style.
Objectives & Pictures 4% Your report should contain three (3) relevant images that connect to your written content. They need to be ‘wrapped’ (square)
and positioned accordingly and also compressed.
Text boxes 3% Use Text Boxes to name each table used (place below table)

Note: The following above must be satisfied to receive 35% for the report. Your document must be uploaded as a .doc file format ONLY.