Individual Case Analysis

Individual Case Analysis

Case: Maxfli: Going for the Long Ball
Each student has to solve the attached case (Maxfli: Going for the Long Ball). Read, critically analyze, and answer the five questions at the end of the case. The answers should be to the point and brief. The total pages should not exceed 2 pages. In answering questions, pay attention to the evaluation criteria attached herewith. The criteria are: understanding of the problem, use of functional area knowledge, solving the problem, and discussions of conclusions, implications and consequences. The due date is December 23, 2013.
Critical Analysis and Problem Solving Rubric
Performance Area 1: Does Not Meet Expectations 2: Needs Improvement 3: Meets Expectations 4: Exceeds Expectations Score
Understanding the Problem (Analysis) No identification and/or
summary of the problem. Explains the problem to some extent but fails to identify all the major issues (cannot summarize it). Explains the problem and provides a summary. Explains the problem, provides summary and relates it to other situations in the business environment.

1 2 3 4
Use of Functional Area Knowledge Fails to use functional area knowledge that relates to the topic.
Shows an understanding of basic functional area knowledge but largely dependent on opinion. Uses concepts from the functional area knowledge to formulate the problem. Uses concepts from the functional area with examples from similar situations to formulate the problem.

1 2 3 4
Solving the Problem Fails to provide a solution to the problem.
Begins to work on solution but fails to reach a final solution. Solves the problem using functional area knowledge.
Clearly states the solution, and
convincingly proves that it is
effective, feasible, acceptable to
those involved, and is better than

1 2 3 4
Discussion of conclusions, implications, and consequences Conclusions are not provided. Conclusions are provided without discussion of implications or
consequences. Conclusions are provided with a preliminary discussion of implications or consequences. Conclusions are clearly stated and discussed. Implications and consequences of the conclusion are considered in context, relative to assumptions, and supporting evidence.

1 2 3 4

Scoring Key:
Exceeds Expectations 14 – 16
Meets Expectations 11 – 13 To be completed by instructor
Needs Improvement 8 – 10
Does Not Meet Expectations = 7