Inclusive Playgrounds Safety

Name: Maha Al Chaar

Date: June 5 2022

Inclusive Playgrounds Safety



Playgrounds and outdoor play equipment convey children fresh air, exercise, fun and friends. It is significant to ensure that faulty equipment, unsafe behavior and inappropriate surface do not ruin the fun. The prime motive of the essay is to develop arguments on inclusive playground safety. The thesis statement is ‘Playground safety is crucial to prevent kids to less likely to get hurt.’


An inclusive playground is considered an open and safe space designed for promoting play among children of various ages and capabilities. It is argued that adequate supervision of adults seems to be necessary for preventing all playground injuries. The National Program for Playground Safety reported that insufficient supervision contributed to around 40% of all playground injuries. There should be adult supervision on the playground and adults need to assist the child and provide any needed first aid right away (Nemours KidsHealth 2). Adults could assist in preventing injuries to kids by ensuring that children properly use the playground equipment. Older children prefer to test their restrictions on the playground and thus, it is significant for the adults to keep those children in check. Ensuring playground safety is crucial for addressing the needs of the whole child. Inclusive playgrounds must be consistent with the concept of universal design since it considers the right of everyone to participate wholly and contribute to meaningful play. Parents or adults must always be present while children are at play to ensure playground safety for kids. Hence, adequate supervision is crucial for promoting playground safety and fun and thereby, allows for exploring the value of play. Adults perform a major role in keeping children safe on their playground by preventing dangerous equipment and conditions. Moreover, being alert will help to avoid any accidents.

It is argued that children with or without disabilities must be taught about playground safety so that they act safely and responsibly in the playground. It is the responsibility of the adults to teach about playground safety to children and encourage every child to play in the playset. There should be equitable use in the playground for children with different abilities. Children should never push while using slides, swings, jungle gyms, and seesaws. In addition, children must utilize equipment appropriately such as do not climb outside guardrails and not standing on swings and many more (Radzi 5). It is essential to not leave bikes, bags and backpacks away from the equipment and play area to ensure that no one trips over them. It is crucial to always wear a helmet while bike riding but need to take it off while on playground equipment. The playground equipment must be checked in the summertime since it could become dangerously hot, particularly metal slides, steps and handrails. If the playground equipment feels hot to the touch, then it is not safe for children to play on. Necklaces, purses and drawstrings could get caught on equipment and as a result, accidentally inhibit a child thus, it is required to wear clothes without any cords or drawstrings.

It is argued that principles of inclusive playground design must be followed to ensure playground safety. However, the principles of inclusive playground design develop collectively designed play atmospheres that raise the playability for children of diverse abilities, races, gender, culture, age and socioeconomic status. Implementation of the best principles assists in creating a unique as well as meaningful play environment that seems to be usable by more individuals (Moore 10). It is argued that a justly inclusive play experience is used to address the growing needs of the whole child by deliberately offering opportunities for cognitive, physical, social, sensory and communicative development. Every child has the right to fully participate in equitable play based on the principles of inclusive playground design. Hence, principles are important for ensuring playground safety for all children.

Counter argument

It is argued that the current safety standards need to be met in the playground to ensure safety.  Different playground equipment have different concerns and thus, it is necessary to follow all the safety equipment guidelines to prevent injuries and maintain the safety of children while playing (Richmond 137). Meeting current safety standards would help in preventing a large number of accidents on the playground and promote inclusive play and growth. Also, parents along with the children should be aware of the various accidents as it will help in keeping themselves safe.


The essay helped in exploring the need for maintaining playground safety for children to promote their growth. It is suggested to adhere to the safety standards and safety guidelines when using playground equipment to prevent injuries and ensure safety. Inclusive playground safety is crucial for enhancing a safe playground environment and developing meaningful play for all children.



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