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entry (1.5%). Your ability to discuss the topic must demonstrate understanding of the topic and/or concepts while relating it to you personally (1.5%).
What to include in Reflection Journal: Relinquishing Power/Discovering Vulnerability ***(Read ALL of the instructions before beginning this exercise)
Make a list of things that happened in your life that were not supposed to happen. These are things that were not part of your hopes and dreams for your life. When you feel you have written out all that you want to, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Consider your level of vulnerability in identifying things you know should not have occurred. Discuss how vulnerable you feel putting these experiences on paper.

Now discuss this in relation to a sexual assault… does anyone plan on being sexually assaulted? The shock of being hurt by someone that you know? How do yOu tell someone and trust them? How do you know what to do next following an experience like this?
“‘Please do NOT send this list to me. Rather, this is meant to be a personal reflection only for yourself. If there are any reasons that this exercise is too uncomfortable or causes you unacceptable levels of anxiety, please write an academic, fact based entry about why it is difficult for anyone to report any form of sexual violence in today’s society.
Please write you response in a Word or PDF document. and then submit it to the drop box.

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Jul 25, 2022 11:59 PM

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