improve your email communication skills

Portfolio Items – Portfolio 1 (10 Marks)
This assessment will be due by Friday 11:55pm Week 4.
In Week 2, you learnt how to write professional emails and the ways to improve your email communication
skills. Email has long been a dominant tool for business communication, and it is certainly imperative to
make the best use of emails to communicate effectively at the workplace. However, email is not without its
limitations. In this assignment, you are required to evaluate the role of emails in business communication
by completing the following two tasks.
Task 1 (You should write about 150 words for this task)
Identify and describe
Two advantages of email communication over scheduled meetings (either face to face or online);
Two advantages of email communication over mobile text messages.
Task 2 (You should write about 350 words for this task)
Write two Different Emails
– First Email to your school friend whom you are regularly in touch with
– Second Email to your current or previous manager asking for leave due to urgent personal work
Describe in both scenarios where email is not the best channel for communication.
Propose an alternative way of communication that suits each scenario and explain the advantage(s) of
that communication method over emails.
Submission details:
1. Submit the MS-Word file (.doc or .docx file) to Moodle.
Marking Criteria (Total 10 marks)
1. Task 1 – 4 Marks
2. Task 2 – 6 Marks