Implementing theory, principles and models of education

Unit 3: Theories,
Principles & Models
of Education and
Implementing theory, principles
and models of education and
training into teaching practice:
planning a micro teach
Session aims:
To understand and identify the key components of a basic yet inclusive lesson plan that
incorporates the use of specific learning theory
Plan for a 15 micro teach session in your area of expertise/knowledge/interest that will be
delivered to peers in subsequent lessons
Identify specific learning theory that will inform your planning and teaching delivering
Prepare and develop a rationale for your micro teach, reflecting on why you have selected
chosen lesson plan topic, theory selected and resources to be used
Consider the use of appropriate resources and teaching aids that you could/will use to
support the delivery
Take part in a 1-2-1 to discuss ideas for the planning of your micro teach
What is a ‘micro teach’?
A micro teach is a short session which includes all of the components and
activities of a normal length/long lesson but in a condensed way
The session should include teacher and learner led activities that demonstrate
learning taking place
There should be a broad or overarching topic for the micro teach and learning
aims as a result of the session
Micro teaches are observed by a tutor and one or more peers (that are not
active learners in the session)
What should be planned and included in this task?
This task is directly linked to the Unit 3 assignment and will be assessed as
part of that submission
A lesson plan using the pro for a provided which must include: topic, timing, activities, learning
objectives/aims, resources to be used, key skills, group profile and differentiation strategies,
assessment strategies and embedding of all/most of the following: English and maths, ICT, PSD,
British Values and E&D
A 300 word rationale to explain how you will deliver your session and why, reflecting on why you
have selected specific learning theory and includes the use of the VAK theory and Kolb’s experiential
learning theory also
Resources and teaching aids to help you deliver your session, i.e. PowerPoint, worksheets, flash
cards, ICT needed, any materials such as pens, paper etc.
Delivery of the session to your peers in upcoming lessons at college
Observer feedback reports from your tutor and two off your peers
500 word evaluation of the session after delivery and having read and heard observer’s feedback
highlighting areas of strength and improvement

Generating initial ideas for your micro teach:
What do you want to do?
What is your area of specialist teaching practice?
What would be fun/useful/appropriate for your peers to know/learn?
What is interesting to you?
Do you have a specific skill that you could demonstrate?
What are you confident in delivering and speaking/presenting about?
Things to consider when planning your session:
The target audience, the learners (your peers), consider the age range and
demographics of your group
The pace of your session
Checking prior knowledge and assessing how the session is going throughout,
how will you do this and how will you check and ensure that learning has
taken/is taking place?
What resources will you need and the environment that you are teaching in,
what do you need to deliver your session? Is it feasible and realistic?
Timings, you only have 15 minutes to deliver your session
Mind mapping activity:
Record as many ideas and thoughts as you can about what you
could deliver
Ideas generation:
Planning your micro teach
Feedback your ideas, thoughts and mind map in pairs or small groups and get
receive feedback and input from others
Discuss briefly as a whole group to help generate further ideas and consider
the feasibility of session ideas and topics
Have a quick 1-2-1 with tutor to discuss topic ideas and start to formalise a
chosen topic
Whilst tutor is speaking 1-2-1 with peers research further your idea, record
ideas and discuss quietly in pairs/small group and really start to think about
how you could plan for and deliver your session

Lesson plan template: start to record
a basic draft of your session
GROUP PROFILE: 30 mature
mixed ability learners aged 21+, all
HE educated to at least level 4,
some to level 7. Majority of learners
are EAL, comprehension of written
and spoken English is largely of a
good standard but some learners
may require additional clarification
and explanation of tasks. Issues
with punctuality and attendance
amongst some learners
accommodate learners that work at
faster/slightly slower paces? How
will you include all leaners? How will
you identify learners that need any
additional support? Are you aware
of any specific support/learning
needs amongst your peers?
EMBEDDING: English and maths,
are there opportunities to promote
this within your lesson…i.e. writing
and speaking tasks, wise of
numeracy skills or time
management tasks perhaps?
Personal and social
development….how will you
promote this? British Values: Rule of
Law, Tolerance, Freedom of Speech
and Rule of Law…can any of these
be explored in your lesson? ICT:
any use for this? Even it’s learners
using their phones for an activity.
Employability: does your lesson
refer to any vocational skills?

Rationale structure and content:
Explain session topic, why you’ve selected it
Explain and discuss the aims, what do you want learners to learn? New knowledge
to come away with?
Explain and analyse your strategies and teaching methods, how are you going yo
teach your session? Learner and teacher lead activities….how?
Describe and analyse-with justification-your choice of theory that you will apply to
the delivery of your session, i.e. will it take on a more facilitative approach or be
very much teacher led? Include the use of VAK and and Kolb within your rationale
Discuss and explain the use of resources and teaching aids to deliver your
session, how will they be used?
All references should be Harvard references throughout your text
Harvard Referencing:
All sources relating to theories must be references at the bottom
of the rationale text

Phil beadle tips and strategies
Considering the theory
You must include the VAK model in your planning, rationale and delivery of the
session, ensuring it is visual, auditory and kinaesthetic based for your learners
You must also reflect on Kolb’s learning style in your rationale to consider how
learning will take place, be processed and then potentially used etc. in order to
contextualise Kolb’s theory
You must identify a theory/school of thought/model of learning that is
appropriate and use the list of suggestions provided to identify a theory of
learning method(s) that is appropriate for your planned session

Delivering your session
Use the sign up sheet to agree a date and time that you can deliver your micro
teach in the coming weeks, everyone needs to complete this task in order to
pass unit 3
Additional planning on part of this Saturday’s session (but not whole session as
other units to be delivered that day)
Use college facilities available to use, library, internet, printing, photocopying,
materials etc., identify what it is that you will need to prepare for your session
On the day of your session provide your tutor and two peer observers will your
lesson plan and a copy of resources to be used within the lesson, i.e. learner
handouts, PowerPoint slides etc.
Home study:
Continue to work on your
lesson prep outside of lesson
time, formalising a typed
lesson plan (template on
Gather any resources needed,
request any specific materials
etc. from college