Implementing a New Technology

BSBLDR602 Task 5
Capital College
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Implementing a New Technology
1. Use a search engine to research and identify some benefits of a Customer Relationship Management system.
2. Currently, details of new customer leads that the business development team meet on the road OR derive from the
company’s e-commerce website, are recorded in paper files by the Sales & Marketing team. The Business Development Team
also derive information from the transaction details of purchases recorded in the company’s accounting system. Describe how
integrating a CRM with both the ecommerce website and the accounting system could improve procedures for
D&N Printing.
3. With regard to facilitating the integration of a new technology, identify six typical challenges of integrating a new technology.
HINT: Refer to your Learner Guide.
4. Refer to the
D&N Printing organisational chart and identify the key stakeholders who should work together to assist with a
transition to a CRM system which will integrate with the website, the accounting system and replace the paper filing
5. Again refer to the organisational chart. Identify by role those who will need training to use a new CRM system?