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Sharmila Sapkota (3452201 4)
Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership
MBS521 (Academic Business skill for postgraduate)
Professor Name: Mike Smith
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rd November 2022
Relation between user and Technology
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3452201 4
This report has been highlighted towards the changed technological
advancement of which, significant impact on mobile banking to satisfy
customer needs. The report will start with brief introduction enlightening
topic as ‘Impact of Mobile Banking on Customer Satisfaction’, focused
on pros and cons of relative topic.
Additionally, with progress of report towards scratch to details, the
report will explain about the advantages, uses, benefits with some
statistics, adoption technique, and more general uses benefits. All these
sections will be further divided into subsection explaining on details with
respect to topic of this report.
Progressing towards the end, the report will switch its focus directing
towards disadvantages such as user interference difficulties, adoption
criteria, Area limitation, Technological superiorities, and availability.
Enough statistics will be explained to justify the problems to deliver the
In conclusion, the research paper evaluates the impact of mobile
banking on customer satisfaction. The research clarifies how the banks
and global business adapt the services of mobile banking to provide
users satisfaction. Over the last decades, the technology has created
internet revolution and digital banking. It allows transaction and
checking the balance anywhere at any time. It is recommended that
through the advancement of software which is user friendly so that the
more people can get benefited from the mobile banking. The
researchers have researched on the customers satisfaction on the
mobile banking on different countries like Jordan, Africa, Nambia and
others. Overall research encourages the researcher to conduct the
research on mobile banking and customers satisfaction on Australia.

Student no:
3452201 4
Table of content

Abstract 1
Introduction 2
Literature Review 3
Discussion 4
Recommendation 5-6
References 6-7

Student no:
3452201 4
With the development of Skill and knowledge, undoubtedly technology
has created its impact all over internet business sector. On this
competitive world, everything has switched from manual to digital.
Financial division which has been an important part towards economy of
every country has been influenced from tradition operational method to
digital online operational method. The switch has its devastating impact
on daily use of technological sector such as mobile banking. In the
current innovative technology banking services have bring innovative
and viable around the globe. Banking have provided IT services to the
customers to satisfy their needs, curiosity. It is not limited to the
transaction processing and information system but leads to more
competitive markets to satisfy their customers. This banking
advancement is known as mobile banking. It is one of the emerging
technologies in global banking and played unique role towards the
banking sector and improving its services.
According to the UK ESSAYS, ‘Mobile banking is known as M-banking or
SMS Banking. The European company called PayBox supported
financially by Deutsche Bank, in 1 999 started mobile banking’. Mobile
banking is the software operated by the banks mostly used for checking

Student no:
3452201 4
the account, digital payment through mobile phone and tablet. And
Digital Banking allows you to operate banking through other devices
such as desktop computers, laptop, and tablets.
Over the decades, internet has reshaped the technological tool to the
next level, competition between the market has increased, every industry
thrives to develop the new innovative tools and technology, to maintain
the customer satisfaction, to keep an eye on innovation banking system
have advanced the mobile banking to bring the banking industry to the
next level. It is no less than a revolution in banking industry which brings
convenience, credibility, easy to use, promptness and banking
experience at fingertips of its customer. It also focuses customers to
recharge digitally, make payments, access bank account and statement
and transfer of funds from one account to the other. A lot of previous
researchers have explored technologies in banking and financial industry.
However, this study will be focusing more on the impact of mobile
banking on customer satisfaction. Moreover, it will explore every aspect
in detail which will evaluate the impact of M-banking in the banking and
financial services and how it provides customer satisfaction.
Literature Review
This research will review the study of previous researchers and their
academic work related to this research topic. This chapter will analyse
the impact of mobile banking on customer satisfaction.
Customer Satisfaction
Many researchers have studied the impact on customer satisfaction.
Consumer satisfaction has been one of the key topics in the field of
marketing studies (Jamal, 2005). According to (Nawaz and Mohsan,
201 2) satisfaction is an important user’s behaviour towards a supplier,
or an adverse feeling of what customers expect and what they get, with
regards to the accomplishment of needs, aim or desire. Satisfaction can
also be defined as the reviews from a post-purchase evaluation of the

Student no:
3452201 4
product and services contrasted to the requirements of the pre-purchase
period (Kotler and Keller, 201 2).
Mobile Banking
Banks have switched from a provider of paper-based banking solutions
to the new technology such as mobile banking. In a very short time,
mobile banking adoption has gained much attention because there are
more mobile devices on the market than laptops. Mobile technologies
are rapidly growing in the UK and across Europe. According to Statista
(201 9) report (Kunst, 201 9) mentioned that 81 % of the UK population
use online/mobile banking services. This study was conducted by
Sesame (201 8), using a survey where she has mentioned that mobile
banking is a modern trend in the digital and traditional banking services
that involves providing banking products and services such as payments,
deposits, transfer, statements, saving and others. It provides different
banking services 24hours/7days with planned maintenance updates.
The finding from this study suggest that number of mobile devices users
has increases rapidly. Advanced technology in mobile phones has
overcome the limitations of older phones. New phones have wide
functions with improvement in both hardware and software which works
as substitute for computers. In my opinion, mobile banking will surely
flourish in next decades though most of the people in developing
country have low customer satisfaction. Mobile banking has influenced
customers in both
positive as well as negative aspect.
Moving towards the pros it is the fastest services with easy to use and
saves time. Likewise, mobile banking is fruitful which saves time as well
as money in comparison to onsite banking. Different transaction and
banking services can be achieved through mobile banking. Mobile

Student no:
3452201 4
banking has various uses such as account balance saving, transfer of
funds to one another, request a new check book and pay utility bills.
use of mobile banking services increases with the likelihood formal and
informal saving by 2.4% and 0.83% respective (loaba s, 2022). Study
conducted on 1 1 1 samples through self-administered survey, it is
concluded that perceived usefulness, ease of use, credibility and
customer attitude have significant influence on customer satisfaction in
banking sector (Hussain N and saqib G, 2021 ).
For internet banking, one must have internet to operate mobile banking,
internet connection is vital which is a major problem in developing
country. However, it has disadvantages too. Safety issue is one of the
major factors for online banking. Scams, viruses, loss of mobile phone
are the major security issue of mobile banking. Some of the banks may
have special apps and software which cannot be operated in every
phones thus customer cannot get benefited from application. To get the
advantage of mobile banking one must have smart phones which might
not be suitable for all the candidates. Transaction is limited to digital
balance thus customers must go to banks for cash deposit and
withdraws. Mobile therefore, requires data plan and text messaging
services, which adds extra cost to customers. Some banks may charge
extra cost for the services provided by mobile banking and the software
as well.
Mobile banking is developing globally. In next 1 5 years digital banking
will bring basic financial services and security to the millions of people.
It will give more control on their asserts and helps transform their life.
Digital banking will bring financial equity to all. First key point is banking
is more important if you have medical needs or pay kids school fee.
Secondly you need to save and to meet the needs. However, according
to the situation, mobile banking should change into different strategies
such as,
Focusing on developing simple and convenient application
The mobile banking software should be simple and can be easily

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3452201 4
handled by all the mobile phone users. So, that all the people will get
benefited. (Hussain N and saqib G, 2021 ) bank management should
strive for providing more value-added services in their mobile banking
apps and design more user-friendly M-banking apps to enhance
customer experience so that more people can transact and fulfil their
essential banking needs through mobile banking. Forrester Research
forecast that there will be more than 1 00 million active mobile banking
users in the US by 201 7, making it easy to complete the process of
mobile banking.
Self Service Front and Centre
Non-traditional, internet-only banks will leg up on mobile app innovation.
Many organizations don’t offer onboarding through mobile app. Many
banks need more customers to call a toll-free number to open new
account, instead of allowing customer to serve themselves. Providing
customers option to call is not good way of conducting business in 201 6.
App, Alerts, Bill Pay and Reminders
Reach out to every customer through the different media such as SMS,
Email, social media, counselling, to download the app if they don’t have,
after downloading app ping them about the key features. Encourage
them to use mobile banking to pay bills. The digital transformation
strategy means to digitize processes and streamline omnichannel
experiences. Account funding, making new customer to download the
app, onboarding experience.
Lock your phone
Keeping your phone unlocking seems convenient and tempting but keep
lock, biometric capabilities, and password security in your phone when it
is not used. Be aware of all the apps that keep your phone unlock.
Always keep your banking safe, even if you lose your phone that don’t
make any trouble in your banking account.
Regularly update the new system in your phone
Regularly updating the new system will helps to deal with new defect
and vulnerabilities. It is recommended to regularly update software on
your phone.

Student no:
3452201 4
Be aware of public Wi-Fi networks
Logout the public Wi-Fi connection before logging into your bank app. It
might put information vulnerable and put your data at risk.
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