impact of globalisation

.111 4G a__)*
Assessment 2 – Critical paper
Assessment 2 – Critical paper
Assessment Description A+
Worth: 40% Due: 3pm (WST) Sunday Teaching Week 9 Length: 2000 words (+/-10%)
This assessment will focus on the impact of globalisation in a country or region of your choice and will provide opportunity for you to enhance your critics thinking and interpretation skills. Select a public health challenge from the list of provided challenges. Your paper will include a critical discussion of: a) public health significance and issues of equity at country/region level; b) impact of globalisation; and c) recommendations for action.
Public Health Challenges (based on the WHO 10 Global Threats 2019 and the WHO 2020 Challenges) Select ONE of these challenges
1. Influenza OR Coronavirus disease 2. Non communicable diseases: diabetes OR ment health problems 3. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)