(if relevant). The s******s that you will cultivate will

Length: 2000 words Introduction This assignment will assist you to be able to critically examine the research rigour from qualitative literature that you will need to include as parts of your own qualitative research proposal and thesis (if relevant). The s******s that you will cultivate will assist you when assessing the quality of qualitative evidence, and when writing up your own thesis/research papers in the Dissertation Unit or other research-related units. These s******s will also help you with your future research degree and/or research career. Task You need to do the following: Find four peer-reviewed qualitative journal articles. Library databases are the best way to find peer-reviewed journal articles. You are encouraged to use library databases rather than Internet search engines. For each article: Critically examine its quality using the guidelines which are on vUWS. Write up your opinions about the rigour or trustworthiness of each article. Try to include its strength and weaknesses of each article. It is essential that you cite some references when you critique the article. Write up a conclusion about the rigour or trustworthiness of the four articles that you have included. Please use a report writing format when you write up this assessment (including the use of headings) Please include a full reference of each reference you use in the assignment at the end of your assignment, using References as a heading. Please use the APA style. Resources The following links are useful resources for critical examination of the rigour of qualitative papers: Critiquing research articles http://www.flinders.edu.au/slc_files/Documents/Blue%20Guides/Critiquing%20Research%20Articles. pdf Step-by-step guide to critique research: Qualitative research http://medical.coe.uh.edu/download/Step_by_step_guide_to_critic_qual_research.pdf Critically appraising qualitative research http://www.vhpharmsci.com/decisionmaking/Therapeutic_Decision_Making/Advanced_files/Critically %20appraising%20qualitative%20research-BMJ.pdf Joanna Briggs – Checklist for qualitative research http://joannabriggs.org/assets/docs/critical-appraisal-tools/JBI_Critical_Appraisal- Checklist_for_Qualitative_Research.pdf Validity, reliability and generalisability of qualitative research paper https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC******7/ Critical appraisal of qualitative research https://medicine.exeter.ac.uk/media/universityofexeter/medicalschool/research/pentag/documents/C ochrane_Qual_CA.pdf

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