If it is an essay, so, we have to recollect common rules related

Molly Ivins said: “Satire is traditionally the weapon of the powerless against the powerful.” Hope that you are familiar with such literary device. Satire can enrich our speech and even life with brighter colors. Nowadays, this phenomenon is well-spread in different spheres, and education is not an exception. As a student, you might be asked to write the satirical essay. We may realize the main concept of this writing from its title. If it is an essay, so, we have to recollect common rules related to the writing, in particular, structure, main points, crucial idea, and other. If this paper should be satirical, we have to be aware of the main peculiarities of this style. As a rule, the satirical paper is connected with the sense of humor. Nevertheless, we have to remember that this is an academic writing that is why our content should be informative. So, how we should act in this complicated situation? First of all, let’s conclude what the satire essay is. It is a paper where the common issues are illustrated with the help of hidden ironical manner; here you may make fun of or reveal somebody’s “dark sides.” Secondly, we have to pick the topic for the discussion. As a rule, students face difficulties while choosing the satire essay topics because of the wide choice of possible variants where we have to choose the best one. Frankly speaking, satirical topics surround us everywhere: economic conflicts, Mass Media, ecological disasters, political battles, these and far more other issues can be good satirical topics. Another crucial thing relates to the essence of the theme. You are the main creator of the paper that is why the topic should be interesting for you. Everybody will agree that it is a type of tedious thing to investigate the issue that doesn’t meet interests and tastes. That is why brainstorm all possible variants and make a wise choice. The pleasant fact is that when you write a satirical essay, you have the opportunity to choose the topic that seems absurd. To some extent, you have to prove that such unreasonable issue exists and needs some changes. Most of the students are fans of such paper because it gives them freedom of thoughts and opinions. We intend to help you with this step. You have the opportunity to find a list of the debatable and effective essay topics for ironically description. Moreover, some tips will help you find the inspiration. Do not hesitate and cast a glance at them. The positive sides of living alone. (Here you can ironically describe the life of the people who are poor and fun of the government support.) How can gun save a life? (Here you may use the type of political satire and reveal the cases when the weapon can be the main solution. The best way to do it is to enrich the essay with the modern daily evidence.) Why do we need the freedom of speech? (In connection with the fact that nowadays we have a chance to share our thoughts and assumptions, we have to think about the importance of this right. Modern history knows people who died because of the distribution of their personal views.) Should we discriminate people? (Here the irony and sarcasm can break the human stereotypes. Your task is to prove that you can treat people of different gender, race, and age with honor.) Humankind is the slave of the Internet. (We highly recommend explaining here why you should use World Wide Web. Make sure that you have an effective and persuasive evidence to prove this statement.) Each country should be protected from the emigrants. (There are cases when people leave their native country to find the better destiny. Here you need to inform of disadvantages that they may face.) Steps on how not to sleep during the classes (Try to depict the peculiarities of modern education). What to do if zombies surround you? (This essay writing have to be fictional and at the same time realistic; use metaphors in order to connect two worlds.) Why was mathematics my “favorite” subject at school? (Make a list of the subjects that are regarded as the boring for pupils. Try to reveal the reasons for it.) Ten the most common parents’ mistakes. (The description of your topic should be enjoyable for both parents and children. Try to be creative.)

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