Identifying risks in change management

BSBLDR811 Lead Strategic Transformation.,

Gap Assessment Task 1: Identifying risks in change management.

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Gap Assessment Task 1: Identifying risks in change management.

This document is a gap assessment. To comply with the current release of the unit BSBLDR811 Lead Strategic Transformation., you are required to demonstrate gap skills.

The assessor will be looking at your ability to:

Identify and resolve risks in the change management process.

Make changes to change management process according to risks and inform stakeholders of updates

Step 1: Additional Reading

Before attempting this gap assessment, you must review the following key information on Canvas, it will provide you with the theoretical knowledge you will need to complete the assessment.

Select the course link C8_BUS_BSBLDR801

Read the following sections

4.4 Risk management during organisational change

4.5 Develop learning and communication solutions to address problems and risks arising for individuals during organisational change.

Step 2: Access your previous submission

To complete this gap assessment, you will need to access your previous submission for BSBLDR801 Lead Strategic Transformation, Assessment Task 2 Management consulting plan, BSBLDR801_AT2_Management Consulting Plan Template Question 6. This can be accessed through your Canvas login.

If you have any issues accessing your assessment, please advise your trainer and they will assist you.

Step 3 Access, review and complete the additional assessment requirements.


Based on your efforts to assist John in managing the change the organisation has to go through effectively to ensure that the capacity and competence of employees to contribute to change processes and plans has been, it is crucial that management identifies the possible risks involved and make the necessary changes to ensure that those risks are mitigated. Following which a clear information communication plan is necessary to ensure a smooth transition.

In Assessment Task 2 Question 6, you have used Kotter’s ‘Eight Steps to Managing Change’ principles to illustrate how John can manage transition Velvet Hotels with the help of the new general managers through this difficult period under the effectively. Following on from what you have done there, now produce a Risk Assessment using the template provided with the following parts:



Document to be used:

Identification of risks to the change management plan

Review the possible risks to the re-opening of the hotels with the new management strategy

Recommend ways to avoid and / or resolve those risks

Provide insights into how each of the risks can be mitigated or avoided with realistic and relevant ideas.

Review the plan and include the changes based on those recommendations

Summarise the hotel re-opening plan after having considered the various ways to reduce or avoid the risks involved

Identify and inform the necessary stakeholder via the appropriate communication channels

Identify and communicate to the relevant audiences who will be involved and/or affected by the re-opening of Velvet Hotels under the new management plan.

Step 4: Submit your assessment.

When you have completed the requirements, you must submit your assessment on Canvas.