Identify and produce estimated costs

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Knowledge Assessment 2
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CPCCBC4004A-UNGRADED – Identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction
projects (1)
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CPC40110 – Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) (7)
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Assessment instructions
Table 1 Assessment instructions

Assessment details Instructions
Delivery Mode This unit of competency is to be delivered via TAFE Digital, TAFE NSW
online platform.
The intention of this program is to be undertaken by the student via a
blended mode, through distance learning, and therefore all assessment
tasks are reflective of this process.
Assessment overview The objective of this assessment is to assess your knowledge as would
be required to establish the estimated costs associated with the
acquisition of materials and labour on building and construction sites,
together with the application of relevant overhead costs and margins.
Knowledge of physical resource and supplier identification, assessment
of the availability of and requirements for skilled labour and application
of appropriate codes, regulations and approvals gaining processes is
Assessment Event
3 of 4
Instructions for this
This is a written assessment and it will be assessing you on your
knowledge of the unit.
This assessment is in three parts:
1. Short answer questions
2. Scenario
3. Assessment feedback.
Submission instructions Your assessment submissions should be via the Online Learning System
(OLS). Refer to instructions available on the OLS on how to upload files
for this unit.
Feedback will be provided to you from your Trainer upon completion of
your assessment tasks. It is important that you keep a copy of all
electronic and hardcopy assessments submitted to TAFE and complete
the assessment declaration when submitting the assessment.
What do I need to do to
achieve a satisfactory
To achieve a satisfactory result for this assessment all questions must
be answered correctly.

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Assessment details Instructions
What do I need to
Computer and online access, calculator, pens and measuring
What the assessor will
The following documents are available on the OLS.
Mr and Mrs Brown’s Architectural Plans & Specifications – V4004-
619.pdf (
Online learning materials.
Adobe connect sessions
TAFENSW Library Services
National Construction Code
Australian Standards
RB Holdings, simulated Website with industry documentation,
E.g. Plans, specification and company profile
Cordell Estimator Platinum Edu

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Assessment details Instructions
Specific information including:
Other Construction Documents
What is estimating
Preliminary estimates
Detailed estimates
Background to measurement
Australian standard method of measurement of building works
The quantity surveyor
The building estimator
Composition of building costs
Labour hours
The measurement process
Describing measured work
Basic measurement techniques
Finalising the measurements
Measurement working example
Computer estimating software
Contract types associated with the tendering process
The tendering process
WorkCover, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements,
waste management and other statutory
Anticipated profit
Project costs are calculated for tender or bill.
Final Check.
Due date/time allowed Due to the blended delivery mode, you will work to your Individual
Learning Plan (ILP) that is provided to you at enrolment. Teachers will
discuss the assessment requirements and due date based on when you
have enrolled. You will then review assessment due dates with the
teacher and will sign off to confirm you understand the ILP. Teacher
support is available Monday to Friday by phone or email.
Due dates are structured based on your individual enrolment
commencement date, with an automatic prompt for submission date
generated throughout your enrolment period via the OLS as outlined in
your ILP.
To complete this assessment, you should expect to take no longer than
2 hours to complete all tasks outlined in this document.

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Assessment details Instructions
Assessment feedback,
review or appeals
Appeals are addressed in accordance with Assessment Guidelines for

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Specific task instructions
To complete this task, the student should refer to Mr and Mrs Brown Architectural Plans &
(CPCCBC4004A_AE_Kn_1of4_SR1) which is available on the OLS.
Part 1: Short answer
1. Refer to Mr and Mrs Brown Architectural Plans & Specifications-V4004-619.pdf
(CPCCBC4004A_AE_Kn_1of4_SR1) and answer the following:
a. What are the requirements for the windows and sliding doors regarding bushfire protection
for this house?
Name the Australian Standard and section(s) that is/are relevant to this house.

Australian Standard

b. On which drawings would you find the ceiling height?
Which part and clause of the NCC (Volume 2) would you find the requirements regarding
ceiling height? Do the plans comply?

Part and Clause

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c. Referring to the NCC requirements for natural lighting, you are required to check the
compliance for Bedroom 1. Provide detailed calculations with a brief explanation of the


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d. What is the difference in height between the datum at the kerb and gutter to the North
Western corner of the site?
e. What is the Reduced Level of the garage/verandah floor slab?
f. What is the gradient of the site calculated from the highest to lowest contour levels?
Show your working and express your answer as a percentage slope.

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2. In your State or Territory, list five regulatory authorities you may need to interact with in the
preparation of estimates for Mr and Mrs Brown’s project.
Provide a brief explanation of why they would have an impact on the costs for this project.
(20 – 30 words).


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3. List four contract documents that are required to finalise and sign off on a residential
building contract. (20 – 35 words)
4. The construction of the driveway would typically require supervision from non-contract
personnel such as a builder or his supervisor. With reference to your answers in the previous
question use the table below to provide a description of the likely times they would attend site
and the time spent for each visit.
a) Calculate the total hours spent supervising this construction activity.
(The first pre site task is given as an example to assist with your answer)

Description of supervision task Estimated time
Contact trades to confirm job start date as per construction schedule.
Book concrete delivery with approximate quantities and concrete
0.5 Hr
Total Hrs

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b) List the documents that would be used to control costs, meet the construction timeframes
and inform associated trades of the required quality standards.

Control costs
Quality standards

5. A typical building company will use a number of methods of labour resourcing for the various
construction stages of a residential building work. Describe the structure and operational
methodology of two common labour contracting methods including how the methods are
costed during the estimation phases of a project. (150 – 200 words)


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6. For the following construction project elements, list two different material types that could be used
to achieve the same building outcome.

Wall and Roof Framing
Roof Cladding
Wall Claddings

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Part 2: Scenario
The following questions are assessing your ability to react appropriately and solve problems for
unexpected situations on a construction site.
You are the supervisor on a residential building project and according to the construction schedule;
the plumbers are due on site to lay stormwater drainage.
It is mid-morning and you are concerned as to why the plumbers have left the site early without
completing the task.
You are conscious of the tight schedule and the follow-on trades that will be affected if the work is
not completed on time.
What four steps could you take to find out why the plumbers have walked off the job?


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Part 3: Assessment Feedback
NOTE: This section must have the assessor signature and student signature to complete the feedback.
Assessment outcome
Assessor Feedback
Was the assessment event successfully completed?
If no, was the resubmission/re-assessment successfully completed?
Was reasonable adjustment in place for this assessment event?
If yes, ensure it is detailed on the assessment document.
Assessor name, signature and date:
Student acknowledgement of assessment outcome
Would you like to make any comments about this assessment?
Student name, signature and date
NOTE: Make sure you have written your name at the bottom of each page of your
submission before attaching the cover sheet and submitting to your assessor for marking.