ICT340: Application Analysis and Design

Question 1

Read the parking management system requirements in the Appendix and submit answers to the following:

a) Formulate a use case diagram to depict the parking management system design. Your use case diagram should show the following factors below and their relationships:

(i) actors
(ii) the use cases
(iii) relationships

b) The following is an extract of the requirements documentation of the parking management system:

“The system supports parking for different types of vehicles. It supports a
per-minute parking fee model for vehicles without a season pass. The
charges are $1 per hour. There is a grace period where there are no charges
for vehicles that enter and exit the campus within 10 minutes. For daily
season parking, the daily charge is $4. If a vehicle enters and exits the
following times in a day:

1. Entry: 8:00am Exit: 10:30am
2. Entry: 12:00 pm Exit: 3:00 pm

Upon the 2nd exit, the vehicle is charged $3.”

Analyze the above requirements and identify and explain any TWO (2) ambiguous, incorrect, incomplete, or inconsistent inadequacies of the system design. Note that in your answers, you are not supposed to use imagination to add anything not mentioned in the requirements. Further, do not include general commentaries in your answer.