I Postgraduate Final Assessment 2016.

I Postgraduate Final Assessment 2016 Trimester 2 Subject Code: GB512 Subject Title: Business Communications Due – 14 Oct 2016, Time: 5.00 Pm Submission mode – upload assessment in Turnitin 3 hoursNN/A Total Number of Questions: 3 Total Marks: 60 Answer the three (3) questions of 20 marks each, total of 60 marks. In answering the questions, use at least six (6) academic, peer reviewed sources, and refer to at least 4 different sources per question. You need to use both the in text referencing and the reference list in the Harvard style of referencing. 1. Based on Van Genderen’s (2013) article, explain how the corporate world’s idea of success defined by the use of I.Q was challenged by the E.I (Emotional Intelligence). In your answer evaluate Goleman’s (1995, 1998) definitions and characteristics of E.I and determine their validity by using other academic sources on the topic. 2. Van Genderen (2013, p.5) claims that Emotional Intelligence has a ‘vital role in communicating effectively’. Using other appropriate academic sources as well as readings used in class, explain how active listening and assertiveness can be applied to improve the flow of formal organisational communication. 3. Van Genderen (2013) refers to three elements of Aristotelian rhetoric: ethos, pathos and logos. By using relevant academic resources, explain, and evaluate how these three elements can be effectively used in professional oral presentations. In your answer, also address the intercultural element of oral presentation by using a chosen (one) model of intercultural communication.

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