human resource management practices

Critically analyse and discuss whether an international organisation should implement similar human resource management practices across the world or adapt them to suit local conditions? Discuss with particular reference to various HRM practices like recruitment & selection, talent and career development, performance & reward management. You may choose to critically evaluate HRM practice(s) of a particular organisation in relation to one country location or give various examples of different countries. Your analysis and argumentation should be based on recently published literature (post 2000) that can be found ONLY in academic journals.

Assignment assessment criteria:
Demonstrate understanding and ability of using theories and models to discuss and explain the global/local debate in international human resource management. ? 30%
Understand the importance of HRM practice (e.g., recruitment and selection; training and development; performance and reward management) to illustrate the tension between organisational integration and local adaptation. ? 30%
Demonstrate ability to apply theoretical approaches to practical examples ? 15%
Analyse and synthesise information and think critically ? 15%
Structure, presentation and referencing ? 10%

Each assignment MUST follow the structure given below:

Title page

Introduction, in which students will explain the purpose of the essay as well as its structure.

Main Part – literature review, the details (sections and sub-sections) of which will be decided by each student

Conclusions, in which students will develop the main points identified from the literature review as well as their critical thinking upon the issue under investigation.

References, which should be properly given (Harvard System).

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