Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Assignment Question

As an HR professional, we need to provide policies and practices which will enable us to get the best performance from our employees. As an HR professional what can we do to ensure that this happens?

Looking at an organisation which you are familiar with and their HR strategy please provide a critical review of:

  • The methods they employ to engage and retain employees? Is this effective?
  • What is the reward strategy currently used by the organisation? How is the effectiveness of these methods monitored and reviewed? Has this been found to be effective?

Provide recommendations for increasing the performance of employees within the organisation based upon the review carried out.

(Draw on you’re learning from Unit 5 – 9 and brainstorming activity in unit 5 to make use of frameworks, theories, and best practice to support your ideas).

Word Count: 2,000 words  (The report is 2,000 words and then the reflective statement is an additional 200 words. See below for details of a reflective statement.)

The learning outcomes for this assignment are:

  • Ways to engage employees
  • Ways to monitor individual and company performance
  • Need for motivation techniques and reward strategy
  • Employee Voice

Suggested Reading

Critical discussion

Additional information on writing critically can be found at: Read more about how to write critically

Presentation format

Your response will be in the form of a written Report. This should be presented using Informative Headers, Harvard Referencing and a 3rd person writing style.

At the end of the report under the header Reflective Statement have a look at the journey that you have undertaken over the last 4 weeks and in completion of this assignment.

Reflect on:

  • Key learning points – what are they? and how will this aid you in your organisation / future career?
  • Learning journey – look at your time management; use of resources and the process you undertook in completion of the assessment.
  • Development areas if any for future units / modules / assessment activities.
  • The word count for this section is 200 words and is weighted at 5% of the EMA grade

This element can be written using a 1st person writing style. Read more about Academic reflection.