HS8287: Caring & Communication in Cancer Care

Role play scenarios

Scenario 1

You are the nurse in-charge of a morning shift. The haematology team has just finished reviewing Kevin, a 25-year-old diagnosed with relapsed acute myeloid leukaemia, a year after his allogenic stem cell transplantation. After the team left the room, Kevin suddenly asks you, ‘So, how long more do I have?’. Your role play will focus on communicating with Kevin’s query on his concerns on prognosis, death and dying issues.

Scenario 2

You are working in an ambulatory therapy centre. Lorna, a 48-year-old patient diagnosed with early breast cancer is supposed to have arrived for her scheduled chemotherapy. However, Lorna is still absent from your centre. When you call Lorna on her mobile phone, she became agitated and declined chemotherapy. She has cited ‘the moon, the star and the sun are not in
alignment’, and therefore ‘It is a bad day’. Your role play will focus on supporting Lorna at this point of time.

Scenario 3

You are working in a medical oncology unit. Mr Tan is first admitted with superior vena cava obstruction, and soon diagnosed as having mediastinal germ cell tumour. Mr Tan is married with 2 sons, aged 5 and 7. His wife, Mrs Tan, is the main spokesperson because Mr Tan is too breathless to speak. Mrs Tan has approached you because she is unsure how and what to tell their young children about Mr Tan’s cancer diagnosis. Your role play will focus on
encouraging Mrs Tan to talk about how she is feeling and supporting her on communicating with their children.

Scenario 4

You are working in an isolated ward. Tina is 24-year-old, single but has a steady partner. Tina is in an isolation room following an episode of neutropenia sepsis. Tina is found in tears, staring at the mirror in the shower room. She is clearly upset, saying that she cannot bear to see herself in the mirror because she looks ‘horrible’. She has suffered massive weight and hair loss due to the cancer therapies. Your role play will focus on exploring the body image,
self-concept and sexuality with Tina.