HR9508: Employability and Career Planning

Part A:

Will discuss the current marketplace for graduate employment opportunities. In this section, you can provide a general overview or focus on a particular industry or even your particular discipline, for example, finance. All students may use the UK or their home country as the context for this section. Your discussion MUST review relevant academic literature.

Part B:

Will describe and discuss your intended career plan. Your commentary should include reference to academic literature where relevant, and MUST include the following:

  • Your target position, with a rationale for your choice within the context of a longer-term career plan.
  • An assessment of suitability for your target position using a variety of feedback gained during the seminar activities and directed study, e.g. psychometric test results and feedback on internal or external interview and assessment center activities. Please include other sources of evidence if relevant.
  • Identification of your personal strengths and weaknesses, related to your chosen position.
  • A conclusion should identify your next steps to build on strengths and address weaknesses. For example, if you have identified a need for work experience or to improve an essential skill area, you need to explain why, how, and when you plan to do it.

A set of Appendices

  • A person specification/job advertisement for a target role. This can be a graduate role or if you are currently employed or a career advancement opportunity either in your current organisation or a prospective employer. It MUST be consistent with that described in the reflective commentary.
  • Career planning template completed in full.
  • Evidence of engagement with social media for sourcing and applying for opportunities.
  • A CV and cover letter, written for the target position.
  • Completed answers to five competency-based questions.
  • Scores from completed online psychometric tests: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and The Workstyle Personality Questionnaire.