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Going Postal: Analyzing Operating Income of the Wheels of Fortune There are multiple files in doc sharing in e-college. Please review them all. 1. Case instructions 2. The teaching case 3. Template for calculations 4. Rubric (how you will be graded on your project) I will answer any questions until December 1 at 12 noon after that you are on your own. Don’t be surprised if I suggest that you consult your text to find answers to your questions. A couple of helpful hints: 1. Use the excel template provided for question 2. (I will deduct significant points if you do not use the template.) 2. Be certain to reference your calculations from question two when making your recommendations for question 3. 3. Use these links for guidance to calculate sales mix variances a. http://accounting-simplified.com/management/variance-analysis/sales/mix.html b. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGragDwU4es 4. Remember to not give up. Start early. The project takes approximately 5 hours to complete. 5. You answers to the case will consist of two files: a word file for questions 1 & 3 and an excel file for question. The word file should be between 4 and 6 pages double spaced in times new roman 12 point font. 6. Complete the case survey: https://tamuc.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/preview/SV_6rjQ98vazLb6AHX?Q_CHL=preview DUE: December 3 by midnight. Please place your files (Word and Excel) in the dropbox in e-college labeled end of semester project. Please put your name in the subject line. No late work will be accepted.

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