how many shares, calculate price, commission/transaction costs,

Remarks of the assignment of Advanced Financial Management • An appendix with a spreadsheets  this requirement has to be prepared a excel format and information at least need to be included: (Start date, Stock purchase price, how many shares, calculate price, commission/transaction costs, Net Price and etc.) Kindly take note that this excel is according how many trades that you include and must show the movement of your each trades (at least 2 excel or more). • Use historical and live market data from Tues, 26 Dec 2017 to Fri, 15 Feb 2018 (Study guide shown until 16 Feb 2018, change it to 15 Feb due to PH in Singapore). • Please use Capital IQ to search all the info for “FTSE ST ALL SHARE INDEX”. Herewith the Capital IQ link [To access S&P Capital IQ, please visit our website at] Username: [email protected] Password Link: Ecp02042016 I have also attached two videos for your reference and these videos are showing how to retrieve the related data. The chart graph have to include 3 different types (2 Technical Analysis: Moving Average, Bollinger Bands/Relative Strength Index, 1 Fundamental Analysis). After retrieve all these data, please see another attachment “Price-Based Indicator” it showing how you need to indicate on the chart graph. • Each of the portfolios must contain at least 10 companies’ shares. • You may find below readings sources and I have attached these 3 pdf for your perusal. s

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