Hospitality Management

I want to apply for the Top Up Level 6 grant.I need to write a Personal Statement (Word format, 20 lines, my own words).it is about about BTEC HND in Hospitality Management what I learned, how I spent my time.I have to write with my own words.

First, you need to explain why you want a place on a course. Explain the reason for your choice and how it fits with your aspirations for the future Give examples of any academic experience you have learned in these two years or related work Show that you know what the course will involve and mention any special topics that interest you. (for example-Topping-up your qualification with a relevant top-up course will help improve your skills in: Critical thinking Discussion and debate Time management Planning and preparing Researching Strategic management)

Prove who you are by listing all positions you’ve held, memberships in teams or societies, and interests and hobbies.but let it be as simple as possible. This week is the last to apply for top I have to write about what I have learned in these 2 years? If you need anything please get back to m