Homework Assignment

ENG 170 WEEK 7 Homework Assignment Welcome to Homework Assignment 7 for ENG 170 English Composition II Providing Body Paragraphs Now that you have submitted an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement in the Module 5 Homework Assignment and an outline in the Module 6 Homework Assignment, you will provide a draft of your body paragraphs along with your introductory paragraph in this Module 7 Homework Assignment. As you develop your body paragraphs for Essay 2, remember that your body paragraphs should provide evidence and examples (utilizing your outside sources) to support the main argument (your thesis statement). By providing completed body paragraphs in this assignment, it will help you inch closer towards a completed essay. You have already completed two major steps in the writing process, so body paragraphs will provide a more complete essay. Recap: the Module 7 Homework Assignment requires that you submit your completed body paragraphs with your introductory paragraph.