higher risk for foodborne illnesses

Why are preschool-age children at a higher risk for foodborne illnesses? They have not built up strong immune systems. What is a TCS food? Food that requires Time and Temperature Control for Safety. The 5 common mistakes that can lead to foodborne illness are: 1. failing to cook food adequately 2. holding food at incorrect temperatures 3. using contaminated equipment 4. practicing poor personal hygiene 5. purchasing from unsafe sources What is the principle way of preventing food borne illness in TCS foods? Controlling time and temperature. Raw chicken breasts are left out at room temperature on a prep table. What is the risk that could cause a food borne illness? Time-temperature abuse. A server cleans a dining table with a wiping cloth and then puts the cloth in an apron pocket. What is the risk that can cause a food borne illness. Poor cleaning and sanitizing. T/F A food handler’s hands can transfer pathogens from one food to another True T/F Food handlers who don’t wash their hands correctly can cause a food borne illness. True T/F A foodborne illness outbreak is when two or more people get sick after eating at the same establishment. False Outbreaks must involve: 1. 2 or more people who eat the same FOOD. 2. Investigation by state or local authorities 3. Laboratory analysis confirms outbreak T/F Adults are more likely than preschool-age children to get sick from contaminated food. False At risk population includes: – Preschool children (undeveloped immune system – Elderly (weakened immune system) – Sick people (compromised immune system) Leftover chili is cooled on the counter is an example of: time-temperature abuse a food handler wearing gloves places a chicken breast on the grill and then places lettuce and tomato on a bun, is an example of: cross-contamination a food handler prepping a salad stops to scratch an itch on her arm and then returns to making the salad, is an example of: poor personal hygiene a serve setting tables touches the food-contact surfaces of a water class when placing it on the table, is an example of: cross-contamination What are the most common symptoms of food borne illness? diarrhea vomiting fever nausea abdominal cramps jaundice what is the most important way to prevent food borne illness from bacteria? time and temperature control Enterohemorrhagic and shiga toxin-producing E. coli are commonly linked with what type of food ground beef contaminated water what is the most important way to prevent food borne illness from viruses practice good personal hygiene. a guest called a restaurant and told the manager about getting sick after eating there. the guest complained of vomiting and diarrhea a few hours after eating the raw oysters. what pathogen possibly caused the illness? norovirus parasites are commonly linked with what the of food? seafood wild game contaminated water a guest had a reversal of hot and cold sensations after eating seafood. what is the probable cause of illness? toxin a food handler stored a sanitizer spray bottle on the shelf above the prep table that had just been sanitized. throughout the day the food handler used the sanitizer on the prep table, storing it in the same spot. what should the food handler have done differently? stored the sanitizer bottle away from the prep area. to prevent the deliberate contamination of food, a manager should: know who is in the facility monitor the security of products keep information related to food security on file know who to contact about suspicious activity what should food handlers do to prevent food allergens from being transferred to food? clean and sanitize utensils after use T/F All pathogens need oxygens to grow False T/F The most important way to prevent food borne illnesses cause by viruses is to control time and temperature false the best way to control viruses if through good personal hygiene. viruses will not be killed at high heat. T/F salmonella typhi is commonly linked with ground beef False it is associated with ready-to-eat foods and beverages Parasites are commonly associated with seafood True as well as wild game List the six conditions bacteria need to grow FAT TOM Food (High in protein) Acidity (Preferably neutral) Time Temperature (Danger Zone 41-135) Oxygen (some need oxygen, others survive best without it) Moisture Foods commonly related to salmonella ready-to-eat food beverages Foods commonly related to Shigella spp food that is easily contaminated by hands such as salads containing TCS food (potato, tuna, chicken, etc.) food that comes in contact with contaminated water, such as produce Foods commonly related to E. Coli Ground Beef contaminated produce Foods commonly related to hepatitis A ready-to-eat food shellfish from contaminated water Foods commonly related to norovirus ready-to-eat foods shellfish from contaminated water What are the three categories of potential hazards to food? Biological Chemical Physical Wash hands after: Using the restroom Handling raw meet Touching hair, skin, face, sneezing, coughing eating, drinking, smoking, or chewing handling chemicals leaving prep area handling foreign objects what piece of jewelry is acceptable in a kitchen plain wedding band when should hand antiseptic be used after washing hands when should food handlers who wear gloved wash their hands before putting on glove a cook wore single-use gloves while forming raw ground beef patties. the cook continued to ear them while slicking hamburg buns. what should the cook of done? wash hands and put on new gloved between tasks. a food handler has been diagnosed with an illness from shigella app. what should the manger tell this food handler to do? stay home until they get approval from a doctor. a food handler prepares and delivers meals to elderly individual receiving cancer care service at home. what symptoms require the food handler to stay home from work sore throat with fever when is it acceptable to eat in operation? when sitting in designated break area what should a manger of a hospital cafeteria do if a cook calls in with a headache, nausea, and diarrhea? tell the cook to stay away and see a doctor. T/F You should wash you hands after taking a smoking break True T/F You should not have painted fingernails when serving food True T/F Wearing a dirty uniform or apron can contaminate food True T/F Use hand antiseptic before washing hands False Only after Hand washing steps in correct order Wet hands & arms with running water at 100F+ Apply soap and build a lather Vigorously scrub hands and arms for 10-15 secs Rinse hands with warm water Dry hands with single use paper towel and or air dryer, turn off faucet with paper towel Which food handlers should be excluded from service: 1. A server at a hospital with a sore throat and a fever 2. a server at a nursing home with jaundice 3. a server at a restaurant who was vomiting that morning 4. a food handler diagnosed with norovirus all of the above A food handler has finished trimming raw chicken on a cutting board and need the board to prep vegetables. What must be done to the cutting board? Washed, rinsed, and sanitized How far mud a bimetallic stemmed thermometer be inserted into a food in order to give an accurate reading? up to the dimple in the thermometer stem which probe should be used to check the temperature of a large stockpot of chili immersion probe at what temperatures of most foodborne pathogens grow the quickest? 70-125F (21-52C) Which type of thermometer can read temperature with touching the item’s surface? infared a thermometer used to measure the temperature of food must be accurate to what temperature? +/- 2F or +/- 1C What device can be used to record time-teperature abuse during the delivery of food? Time-temperature indicator T/F Rinsing off a cutting board will prevent cross-contamintaion with the next food item placed on it. False Board must be washed, rinsed, then sanitized. T/F Some thermometers cannot be calibrated True T/F Chicken held at an internal temperature of 125 has been time and temperature abused True Ways to prevent cross-contamination Cleaning, washing, sanitizing stations and equipment between taste, washing hands using separate equipment prep TCS food and ready to eat food at different times and places buying prepared food Temperature danger zone 41-135F or 5-57C Temperature pathogens most easily 70-125F or 21-52C Fill in the blanks Place a probe into the ___ part of the food. And lest ___ parts of the meat thickest, two Wait how ling after insetting a bimetal in stemmed thermometer into the food before taking a reading? 15 seconds Fill in the blank: Make sure the thermometers are accurate by ______ regularly calibrating Fill in the blank: Sanitize thermometers by using a sanitizing solution on ________ surfaces. Food-contact What is the most important factor in choosing a food supplier? It has been inspected and complies with local, state, and federal laws. What is the best method for checking the temperature of a delivery of fresh fish? Insert a thermometer probe into the thicker part of the fish. What is the correct temperature of receiving cold TCS food? 41F or lower Milk can be received at 45F under what condition? it is cooled to 41 or lower in 4 hours Frozen shrimp is rejected during receiving for having large ice crystals on the food packaging. What is the problem that caused this? Time and Temperature abuse What is required when receiving fish the will be served raw or partially cooked? It must be frozen first What must be included o the label of TCS food that was prepped in-house. Use by dates/times? How long can TCS food that was prepped in be stored? 7 days when storing food using the FIFO method, where should the food with the earliest use by date be stored? in front of food with later used by dates what is the problem with storing raw ground beef above prepped salads potential cross-contamination in top to bottom order how should food be stored in a refregerator: 1. ready-to-eat 2. seafood 3. whole cuts of beef and pork 4. ground meat and ground fish 5. whole and ground poultry how many inches from the floor should food be stored at least 6″ T/F You can store food near chemicals as long as the chemicals are stored in sturdy, clearly labeled containers False food and chemicals should be stored separately T/F You can store food in any durable container that you can cover false must be non reactive and leak proof never have touched chemicals T/F Arrange stored food by its use by dates so oldest food gets used first True T/F You should reject a deliver of frozen streaks covered in ice crystals True What should be on every food label – time/date of use by – what is in the product What are the acceptable ways of thawing food 1. running water 2. refrigerator 3. in microwave is cooking immediately 4. directly into cooking procedure What is the maximum water temperature allowed when thawing food under running water? 70F (21C) What must food handlers do to food immediately after thawing food in microwave? Cook it. What can occur if prep tables are not cleaned and sanitized between uses? cross-contamination a food handler thaws several frozen turkeys on a prep table. what is the danger that this poses to the food? Time-temperature abuse a food handler pulled a hotel pan of tuna sals from the cooler and used it to prepare six tuna salad sandwiches. What is the problem with this situation? Time-temperature abuse What is the minimum internal cooking temperature for stuffed pork chops. 165F What is the minimum internal cooking temp for anything cooked in a microwave 165F (then left to sit for 2 minutes) What is the minimum internal cooking temp for eggs that will be hot-held for service 155 Which food should not be offered on a children’s menu: – a rare/undercooked meat/eggs a food handler can cool a stock pot of clam chowder by – dividing it into smaller containers – placing it in an ice bath – blast chiller – ice paddle – ice as ingredient what temperature must TCS food be reheated to if it will be hot held? 165F A food handlers is reheating commercially processed cheese sticks, which will be hot held on a buffet. what temperature must the cheese sticks be reheated to? 135F When reheating partially cooked food for service, what minimum internal temperature must be reached? 165F T/F Coolers are designed to cool hot food quickly? False The hot food will raise the temp of the fridge. T/F Cook a whole turkey to a minimum internal cooking temperature of 155F for 15sec False Must be cooked to 165F T/F The first step in cooling TCS food is to cool it from 135 to 70 with in three hours False Must be cooled in 2 hours T/F Fish cooked in a microwave must be cooked to a minimum internal temperature of 145F. False If cooked in a microwave it must be cooked to 165F. Minimum Internal temp for swordfish 145F Minimum Internal temp for whole chicken 165F Minimum Internal temp for pork chops 145F Minimum Internal temp for ground beef 165F Minimum Internal temp for glazed carrots for hot- holding 135F Which part of the plate should food handlers avoid touching when serving customers Top Food/Mouth contact points An operation has a small salad bar with 8 different items on it. how many utensils are needed? 8 at what maximum internal temperature should cold TCS food be held? 41F What items must customers take each tie the return to a self-service are for more food? Clean plates and utensils At what minimum temperature should hot TCS food be held? 135F An operation is located in a jurisdiction that allows it to hold TCS food without temperature control. How many hours can it display hot TCS food without temperature control before the food must be sold, served, or thrown out? 4 What is the maximum distance the sneeze guard can be from self service counter to protect from contamination? 14? The temperature of a roast is checked to see if it has met its critical limit of 145F for 4 minutes. This is an example of HACCP principle? Monitoring What are the seven HACCP principles? Conduct hazard analysis Determine CCPs Establish critical limits Establish monitoring procedures Identify corrective actions verify system works documentation The sell serves cold sandwiches in a self-serve display. Which step in the flow of food would be a critical control point? Storage What is the purpose of a food safety management system? Identify and control possible hazards throughout the flow of food. Reviewing temperature logs and other records to make sure the HACCP plan is working as intended is an example of HACCP principle? Verification A chef sanitized a thermometer probe and then checked the temperature of minestrone soup being held in a hot-holding unit. The temperature was 120F, which did not meet the operation’s critical limit of 135F. The chef recorded the temperature in the log and reheard the soup to 165F for 15 seconds, Which was the corrective action? reheating to soup What does an operation that wants to smoke food as a method of preservation need to have before processing food this way? A variance A variance is required for: smoking meat to preserve using additives to preserve curing food slaughtering animals packaging food using ROP methods Treating juice on site sprouting beans on site What are the most important food safety features to look for when selecting flooring, wall, and ceiling materials smooth and durable What organization created national standard for food service equipment? NSF When installing tabletop equipment on legs, the space between the bast of the equipment and the tabletop must be at least 4″ What information should appear on dishwashing machine label Wash temp Rinse Temp Water pressure Max speed Sanitation chemical or temperature All bathrooms must have Hot and cold running water soap towel or air dry garbage signage What is the only reliable method to prevent back flow air gap a food handler drops the end of a hose into a mop bucket and turns the water on to fill. What has the food handler done wrong? Created a cross-connect which area of the operation is usually required to be the brightest? prep area An operation has to build up of grease and condensation on the walls and ceiling. What is the most likely problem? The ventilation system is not working correctly Dumpsters should be: Closed at all times Not leaking (plug closed) placed on hard concrete or asphalt a broken water main has caused the water in your operation to appear brown. what should you do first? contact the local regulatory authority. What is the best way to exclude pests Build them out deny them food and shelter work with pest control operators (PCOs) Which thermometer should be used to monitor the temperature of the sanitizing rinse in a dishwashing machine? Maximum registering What is sanitizing reducing pathogens to a safe level In food-contact surfaces are in constant use, how often must they be cleaned and sanitized? At least every 4 hours What must food handlers do to make sure sanitizing solution for use on food-contact surfaces has been made correctly Test the solution with a sanitation kit What is the proper order for sanitizing work stations? Remove food Wash Rinse Sanitize Air Dry What should be done when throwing away chemicals? Follow label instructions and regulatory requirements How should flatware and utensils that have been cleaned and sanitized be stored? Handles facing up, eliminating the need to touch food contact area