Health NGO (Non-governmental organisation)

You are the manager of a Health NGO (Non-governmental organisation) in a developing country, explain how ICT could help improve the current situation and provide better services to the patients and users.
 In your analysis you should: 
a) Describe in detail the present situation and/or process (inclusion of a diagram or flowchart of the current process or procedure)
b) Explain how the introduction of ICT can help to improve the current situation by discussing in detail the various areas of anticipated positive impact.
c) Describe in detail the new/changed situation and/or process (inclusion of a diagram or flowchart again of the new process or procedure)
d) Identify and discuss the potential challenges that you are likely to come across considering issues such as the organisational culture, change management, staff skills and training, patient privacy and confidentiality
word limit (3000) 

APA Referencing style must be used when referencing the essays. All work must be referenced correctly and appropriately.
The essays should not be plagiarized and should include an introduction,  discussion and analyses, conclusion,  presentation and referencing.