Guidance on Coursework Report Writing

Data Ethics and Research Methods (MMI226823)
Guidance on Coursework Report Writing
Overall, the presentation of your coursework report should demonstrate a high level of professional
standards that is commensurate with the academic level of the advanced MSc programme study.
1. General Structure
The cover page should write the specific title by which you have worked towards the coursework.
The cover page should state your matriculation and full names.
The cover page should make a statement on the submitted coursework report being the your own
work except where otherwise stated explicitly.
The coursework report should comprise front pages as follows, where appropriate:
– a concise abstract
– table of contents, properly linked to page numbers
– nomenclature, glossary, or list of acronyms/abbreviations
– list of tables/algorithms, respectively
– list of captions of figures/snippets, respectively
The coursework report should comprise the followings at the end, where appropriate:
– references, each item with complete bibliographic information
– appendices, well-structured and annotated, where appropriate
The body of the coursework report starts from chapter/section 1 Introduction and finishes at the
end of the last chapter/section of Conclusion.
Chapters/sections/sub-sections headings should be numbered, respectively.
Word count only applies to the body of the coursework report, less the words in tables, figures,
algorithms, snippets. In our case, the word count is a reference we’d anticipate your refining the
coursework report writing, rather than an element for marking.
2. Citations
Each table/algorithm should have a title overhead, and each figure/snippet should have a caption
All tables, figures, algorithms, snippets, and equations should be consecutively numbered
throughout, respectively, and each should be specifically cited in the coursework report.
Reference items should be consecutively numbered and each item should be specifically cited in the
coursework report.
Any convention of referencing is acceptable so long as it’s applied consistently throughout the
coursework report.

Data Ethics and Research Methods (MMI226823)
Cf. GCU library guides on referencing at
3. Page Layouts and Typesetting
The coursework report should be formatted and printed on A4 size papers with single-line spacing
and all-round (top/bottom/left/right) margins not less than 2.0 cm, in one-column format
The suggested font for the body of texts is Times New Roman, and should not be smaller than 10
points size; similar size should be used for the text in tables, figures, algorithms, snippets.
Equations, symbols, and formulas should be professionally typeset in math style.
Texts should be flushed on both left and right sides, while tables, figures, algorithms, snippets should
be centred where appropriate.
The coursework report should be paginated throughout.
The proofing language of the coursework report should be set as English (UK).
4. Paraphrasing and Similarity
The coursework report should be completely based on your own understanding.
In no circumstance should low-level poor practice, like copying and pasting texts, diagrams, tables,
etc. from any sources, be engaged. Rather, try synthesising information from different sources and
re-produce texts and revise / re-organise tables and diagrams entirely based on your own
understanding, to make your own arguments.
Cf. GCU guides on avoiding plagiarism at

Cf. GCU library subject guides – computing at
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