Grading Rubric

Grading Rubric

Part I

Project Proposal (50 points)

Submit a project proposal (word document) It should include

1. The research problem

2. Why is this research problem important

3. Type/source/content of data used in the project 9/17 STAT 4600 – 01; Instructor: Jin Fang

4. Analysis and modeling methods

5. The software that you use

6. Summary or descriptive statistics to support this proposal

Part II – Project Report (May 2, 2022; 11:00 PM) (150 points)

Submit your team project report (Word document) through Moodle by May 2, 2022, 11:00 PM.

Use the guidelines below as you prepare your report.

General Document Guidelines (20 points)

• Font Size and Type: 12-pt. Times New Roman font

• Line Spacing: 1.5-space throughout the report, including the title page and the body of the document

• The page number appears at the bottom of every page

• Main report and Appendix

• The main report includes: Title page, Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusion sections, and includes key figures and tables

• Main report length: At least 15 pages – (not including the Appendix) – Appendix length: No page limit – All references, supplemental tables/figures, and codes must be included in the Appendix section – Use APA style for references (

• All figures and tables should have a title and legend. The labels should clearly describe the figure/table, include the time frame, sample size, and any information needed to interpret figures/tables. Use full sentences and paragraphs in each section of the report. Content Title page (5 points)

• Title of the project

• members’ name

• Date of submission

• Abbreviations (if any used in the report)

Introduction (15 points)

• Business analytics problem: Define the research problem

• Why is this research problem important?

• How does it relate to the STAT 4600 class? Methods (70 points)

• Describe type/source/content of data used in the project

Describe the analysis and modeling methods. The required model is linear regression. Then you need to apply one more model that you pick (40 points)

• Clearly explain the choice of models and analysis

• Model development and analysis details Results (20 points)

• Results: Presentation of results

• Data visualization: Figures and tables

• Make sure to include visualizations/tables as appropriate (Tables and Figures are in the Appendix and cited in appropriate places in the main text using their labels such as Fig.1 or Table 1) Conclusion (15 points)

• Discussion: Communicate the results succinctly

• What are the key findings?

• What are the business insights/recommendations?

Style (5 points)

• Clear and professional language – Avoid misspellings – Use the third person instead of “we” or “I” – Use the active voice rather than the passive

Part III –Presentation (100 points)

1 All STAT 4600 students are expected to attend the class on May 2.

2 Use PowerPoint to prepare your slides. Every member will present.

3 The presentation time is 13 minutes. Plan 6-7 minutes for a question and answer session.

4 The presentation structure is similar to the report (introduction, methods, results, and conclusion) with a focus on: – Business analytics problem: Define the decision problem – Study design: Analysis and modeling approaches – Data structure: Type/source/content of data, outcome measures – Model development and analysis – Results – Discussion