Good employment can improve peoples lives

o Factory work can be mostly indoor o There are many retail stores in the LGA o Employment rate/Unemployment? Relevance?? Relevance to health issue? • Employment types or even states of employment — no job, impacts where people can live. Good employment can improve peoples lives where they can build a new house or rent a more modern house. • Employment affects housing, but also can affect transport (assessment 3) • What else can I talk about? Video — 5 minutes about housing • Types of housing can be health related • Older houses are harder to heat and keep warm and cool depending on the season — journal article to support this with research o Older houses can leak or have old water pipes • Types of employment can influence whether people can afford higher rental accommodation • Victoria has strict renting laws about how safe houses have to be • Housing in town is maybe better than out of town — research journal article Video — can talk about how these two determinants impact each other in the Shire of Ararat. The town is split by the railway line. There is no high density housing like in Melbourne or bigger cities. • Compare Ararat’s employment and housing to all of Victoria — ABS website and Victorian government website should have that data Reference to provide evidence of my research should be from • Australian Bureau of Statistics • Australian Institute of Health and Welfare • Library database search o Ziersch, A., Walsh, M., Due, C., & Duivesteyn, E. (2017). Exploring the relationship between housing and health for refugees and asylum seekers in South Australia: a qualitative study. International journal of environmental research and public health, 14(9), 1036. o This article discusses adequate housing as a determinant of health and human right.