(Gilley et al., 2008, Jones et al., 2005, Standish Group,

The management and organizational literatures have demonstrated time and time again that effective change management and leadership significantly influence the success implementation rates of organizational initiatives/projects (Gilley et al., 2008, Jones et al., 2005, Standish Group, 2013 and Turner and Müller, 2005). However, academic and non-academic analyses of project outcomes seem to focus, with few exceptions, on project process versus the need to integrate technical and social/psychological issues (Hassner-Nahmias and Crawford, 2008 and Leybourne, 2007).” (Hornstein, 2014) Coursework tasks [what the students are expected to do]: In response to the statement above you are to present an academic report that critically evaluates current literature highlighting the impact of technical and stakeholder issues on organisational strategic initiatives/projects.

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