gender roles characterized in fairy tales

This assignment focuses on gender roles characterized in fairy tales, folktales, myths, and legends. Discuss the role gender has played with the characters found in folklore using at least three stories to support your conclusions. First ask yourself how males and females are typically portrayed in folklore. Is this representative of their culture? Using your three story examples, identify the hero/heroine and provide examples or details from the story that demonstrate how their gender is being represented. This assignment should be 1 full page in length using MLA format. If need be it can be 2 pages but no more than that. CINDERELLA CAN NOT BE USED AS ONE OF THE 3 STORIES. NOTE: Please use only the SurLaLune or Ashliman sites for your fairy and folk tale selections, and steer away completely from favorite films, YouTube recitals, or recent rewrites of a tales. You should mention details in the stories and key behaviors of the characters that support your