Further background about "Rock .

Further background about “Rock Paper Scissors” You are a management consultant who works for ‘Management Plus’ (students can choose another name if they like) hired by “Rock Paper Scissors” to prepare a Management Report that provides analysis and recommendations about how the hairdressing salon can be managed to success in the contemporary Australian Environment. Above: Owners – Fatima and Fadi Kahn The Salon was started one year ago and has never recorded a profit – although this is difficult to assess (see below). The Owners are Fadi and Fatimah Kahn. The Salon was started after Fadi won a major Australian national hairdressing competition. This is some background · “Rock Paper Scissors” is an existing hairdressing salon that caters to men, women and children. It operates seven days a week. From 9am to 5pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday the salon is open from 9am to 9pm. On Saturday and Sunday the Salon operates from 9am to 2pm. · It has 10 full time hairdressers. These are some of the problems the Salon has (however, students are free to choose other problems to solve – students can completely ignore these problems in preference to other problems that they have assumed); · Rock Paper Scissors has no strategic plan, mission statement or goals and the owners want to be innovative. · The salon is possibly unprofitable. However, this is hard to gauge as no financial reporting is done on a monthly basis. The only financial reporting that the owners do is to provide receipts, credit card statements and the bank statements annually to the Salon’s Accountants. The Accountant will then return Profit and Loss Statements and a Balance Sheet. This appointment occurs in October 2017. · Staff are demotivated and not punctual. They do not arrive on time for their shifts. Staff may also be providing free haircuts to their friends and using the Salon’s chemicals. · Existing customers may be unhappy but this is not known as the owners have no way of collecting customer satisfaction data. No data is kept on how many clients return to the Salon after their first visit. · There are no performance measures of staff or a minimum number of clients that they must serve per shift.

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